Top 5 Sources Of Alternative Energy

Alternative energy sources help in reducing the effect of non-renewable assets on the environment. There are a number of alternative energy sources among them solar, wind, wood and water. Each one of these sources of alternative energy has its distinctive benefits in providing the world with energy that is clean and renewable.

Besides, exploring alternative sources of energy can help preserve petroleum and slow the exhaustion of the supply of fossil fuels in the world. Below are some top 5 alternative energy sources that are not only better for the environment but will also save you some good amount of money ultimately.

1. Hydroelectric Power
Water power, also known as hydropower is a clean, renewable source of power. Although there is a set water amount on earth, water is still considered a renewable resource since conservation efforts are effectual in alleviating water shortages. The U.S. Department of Energy states that a hydroelectric plant can be beneficial to the public by producing a water reservoir and at the same time functioning as a regional fishing hole, which adds entertaining value to the plant.

If you have a stream or river in your property that is flowing at least two gallons per minute with water fall, then you should consider using this alternative energy source. Setting up a hydroelectric system is quite cheap provided your property has water that meets the requirements. If you are looking to purchase a home, it is wise to consider hydroelectric sites during your shopping.

2. Wind Power
Wind energy is another clean and renewable energy source. This is among the least expensive alternative energy sources and its cost can be as low as 4 cents per kilowatt hour. Since wind power is locally produced, it can reduce the U.S dependency on foreign oil and can help to build local economies. Wind energy can be gathered in any climate.

There are many wind turbines specs that you can build on your own but if you are not that handy, then you can consider buying a wind powered system that has a tower. A system with remote power is more effective. Wind mills are easy to build and people are able to build any size that fits their space requirements. However, windmills supply very little amount of energy and cannot be utilized as main power sources. Wind turbines, on the other hand, produce larger energy amounts.

3. Solar Energy
This energy comes from the sun and it is a clean power source. Solar energy can be used to heat your water, cook, and even to light your home. Solar energy is normally harnessed in either of the two ways: by using the heat from the sun to heat and warm homes, or by using solar panels to collect sun's energy, which is consequently converted to electricity.

Today, there are new solar cells in the market that look like the normal roof shingles when fitted on your roof. This is especially beneficial to people who were worried about the look of old solar panels. Although these systems are quite expensive, particularly the new solar shingles, they are worth spending on if you will be living in that house for quite some time.

4. Wood Power
Wood pellet stoves are quite popular today and are a good alternative source of energy. The major advantage of this energy source is that the wood pellets are very efficient; they use inexpensive fuel and produce very little waste. A wood pellet stove allows you to make huge money savings in no time if you were initially using oil. Both the stoves and pellets are inexpensive making this energy source a good option if you are concerned about spending.

5. Green Electricity From Your Power Company
This option is the cheapest and easiest way of using alternative energy. A good number of urban dwellers, for example, those living in Los Angeles can choose to sign up for the green power from their electric company for a small extra fee. All that is required is to fill the necessary form.

In addition to the above discussed energy alternatives, there are others that are not in the list but make good energy sources. They include geothermal, wood stoves, corn stoves, bio-diesel and ethanol. There is also wave power, which is limited to those who are rich and lucky enough to reside on the ocean.

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