The Best Buy LED TVs Of 2013: Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch 1080p HDTV

The world of the television has evolved in many ways in recent years. The market used to be filled with HDTV, LCD, Plasma, and HDTV but now another technology has emerged called LED. Samsung is one of the manufacturers who are currently attempting to dominate the LED TV market with the Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch 1080p one of their leading models currently available.  Samsung has paid a lot of attention to the design of this model as it comes with a piano black finish with a crystal neck stand. This gives the product a real sense elegance and style when compared to other best buys of 2013.

Comes with 2 Different Remote Controls
It actually comes with 2 remotes which might sound strange, but works rather well. The main remote control uses radio frequency rather than traditional infrared model and means that you can switch over to use a universal remote if you want to at any point in time.  Customers who still want to have an IR main remote can call Samsung Customer Services and they will give you an infrared IR remote for free.

Full High Definition Television in Your Home
Like most HDTVs today, the Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch 1080p HDTV is a Full HD TV. This means that the user can watch full HD (High Definition) movies, as well as using the screen as a computer monitor for games too with a total resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Because this technology allows more pixels to be placed on a screen, the picture quality is much sharper compared to a HD Ready TV or one that uses a standard definition. The picture quality of this Samsung is quite simply superb. Using the concept of local dimming the unit is capable of producing a contrast ratio of 7,000,000:1 – which is truly exceptional in today’s TV market.

Sound Quality Like the Cinema
The sound quality is decent too as it uses SRS Tru-Surround HD, and is compatible with all the leading home theater accessories for the true movie or gaming experience.  However, the 46-inch LED HDTV is not the best fit for all sizes of rooms. It may be ideal for a living room, but definitely not recommended installed in a small room or small bedroom. This is because the screen is too large.
Therefore, for this smaller size of rooms, it is recommended that you purchase the 32 inch version instead. The audio and visual quality remains the same but it has less impact on the wallet!

Web Functionality Could Be Better
One last thing to mention, for those that want full web functionality: The Samsung will support HDTV Medi@2.0 for Internet Access - However, some argue that the program takes too long to load. Compared to the HD TiVo, this HDTV has an advantage because it can play HD videos from YouTube, while TiVo does not have the capacity to do so.

Conclusion on This Best Buy Samsung HDTV
To conclude, I would say that the Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch 1080p HDTV is worth buying as it is one of the best buy LED HDTV’s currently on the market. It offers a premium experience at a decent price. However, do not forget that most LED HDTVs are more expensive than their LCD counterparts. Unless you have the money, it might be worth opting for an LCD screen instead as these are far cheaper and more affordable.

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