How To Remodel Your Kitchen To Make It More Eco Friendly

We all like to think that we are doing what we can to make the least impact on the environment as possible in all areas of our lives, but occasionally it seems that no matter what we do, we feel that we are going to have to sacrifice part of our ethical or moral code to get what we want. Home renovations can seem like we are throwing our eco friendly principles on their heads, but with some forethought and planning even your renovations can include some really useful environmentally friendly aspects. Try using some of the following tips when you come to renovate, and do whatever you can to make your new room as friendly and green as possible.

Reusing Salvaged Wood
Every order for new wooden doors for cabinets and all kinds of kitchen furniture naturally increases the demand for wood, which in turn leads to an increase in worldwide demand and results in deforestation. There is a more eco friendly way to renovate your kitchen and that is by using salvaged wood or even using antique doors which will add a unique character to your kitchen. If you love vintage style, why not go for authentic vintage rather than ordering a modern take on what today’s designers consider to be antique style? You will be doing your bit to help the environment by recycling the materials used in the refurbishment of your kitchen.

Get Energy Efficient
Chances are that you have probably never changed the light fitting in your kitchen so while you are remodelling is the perfect time to do it. Switch to more energy efficient models with energy saving bulbs. Not only will they have less of an impact on the environment they will also save you money in the longer term. When it comes to energy efficiency take a look at your kitchen appliances, replace your old inefficient appliances with more economical models.

Built In Composting
So you might not want a fully functional compost bin in your kitchen, but you can install compact composters where you would normally install a waste disposal unit, or they can be installed on the outside wall of your home on the other side from your sink unit so rather than all of your waste going straight into the garbage you can get further use from it and use it in the garden.

Installing A Grey Water System
Technology is always evolving to make us more efficient and also more friendly to the environment, so think about all of the water that you use, waste and discard every day. A grey water system utilises all of the wastewater that is produced in the home (except from any toilets) and makes it available for use in the garden or for other uses outside your home. This not only reduces the amount of water that is wasted it reduces your demand for freshwater for garden activities and the amount sent for chemical treatment, and is therefore better on the whole for the environment.

Author Bio:
Andy Spate is a expert in all things environment. He focuses on developing effective and efficient environmentally friendly houses and often visits to get tips on building. 
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