5 High-Tech Home Security Gadgets

While for many years the best home security system was a simple alarm trigger, modern technology has made it possible to keep a closer watch on your home. A number of new gadgets are now on the market, including cameras, remote door locks and automated lights and temperature control. While these devices are making it harder to burglars to effectively get in and out of homes, some people are taking security to even further extremes. While the following gadgets may seem a little overboard they may give us a glimpse at the future of home security. Some of them are on the market even now.

1. Fog Shield

Some homes and businesses feel they need an added layer of security and a fog shield does just that. This device can be set to trip sensors and when set off can emit enough fog to cover 2,000 square feet in only 15 seconds. Of course, fog wont necessarily be enough to keep the robber out of a home, but it will certainly confuse them and likely scare them away.

2. Mind Controlled Robot-Dog

Dogs can be an excellent way to protect your home. A recent article in Dig Info discusses how researchers are developing robots that can be controlled solely with the brain. One of these robots comes with a security camera and is called the robot-dog. It moves around on wheels and is controlled by what the viewer does with his or her head. It even has speakers on it you can talk through to warn a robber to get out of your home. Imagine what a surprise that would be.

3. Fake TV Deterrent

Obviously the best way to keep robbers out is to make it look like you are home. Some people will leave lights or the TV on but this drains the electricity bill. However this device creates moving LED lights that project onto the wall and make it look like a TV is on. It has a timer so you can set it for however many hours you want. No one will take the chance of breaking in if they think you are sitting on the couch watching a show.

4. Twittering Laser Tripwire with Camera

Some people have found a way to set up a tripwire that will tweet when touched. Additionally it will take a picture of the guilty intruder and post it immediately online. The burglar may not know what happened but he will have a hard time staying hidden after the police see his face.

5. Automatic Dog Barker

Robbers hate dogs. They are noisy and can be extremely dangerous if they are big enough. If you can’t afford or are unwilling to by a real life German Sheppard to protect your home, this might be the next best option. A motion detector will turn on the machine, which very accurately sounds like a barking dog. At first the machine gives off a warning bark but if the intruder doesn’t go away it get more and more aggressive.

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Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and the latest social trends, specifically involving social media.  

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