4 Unique Skills That All SWAT Team Members Learn

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) members are elite police officers that undergo rigorous training to make them the best of the best. While there are a lot of skills that you must possess before becoming a SWAT member, there are also many skills that you will learn during training and after being accepted. These are the four most unique skills that you won’t learn in most other careers that can help you deal with hostage and assault situations.

Vehicle and Helicopter Insertion
This is a unique skill that very few people learn. The only other career where this would be necessary is in the military, and they tend to emphasize helicopter insertion over vehicle insertion. This skill refers to how to quickly enter a building or structure from an armored vehicle or a helicopter.
You will need to learn how to jump and rappel from a helicopter. You will also need to learn how to efficiently leave an armored vehicle so that you can continue the mission. Insertion is dangerous because you are very vulnerable, but you will get additional defense training so that you can protect yourself during an insertion.

Quick Decision Making
This is a skill that every SWAT member needs. If you are a hostage negotiator, then you need to know exactly what to say depending on how the suspect reacts. If you are a sniper, then you need to know when you should take the shot. Decision-making is one of the most commonly used skills when you are a SWAT member, and it can lead to success or failure.
You cannot pass the SWAT test unless you demonstrate this skill, and you will learn how to hone it during assignments. Failing to have this skill can lead to very bad decisions that might have severe repercussions.

Dynamic Room Entry
Entering a room during an assault can be incredibly dangerous. There might be someone waiting near the door to shoot everyone, or there might be a bomb or some other trap. You need to learn how to check for any problems, and how to properly open a door without it swinging back on you. Another necessary element of this skill is learning how to enter as a team.
If everyone rushes the door at once, then some people will get stuck. This gives anyone the opportunity to ambush you. You must also guard your rear while entering the door. You will learn how to do all of these things during the SWAT training regimen.

The last unique skill that you will learn is how to adapt to situations. Adaptation is a skill that is used in many careers, but its application as a SWAT member is very unique. You have to learn how to adapt to an explosive used for insertion not working, a gun jamming during live fire and how to fill roles that you aren’t entirely prepared for.
While SWAT missions are usually planned very well, there are always problems that go against those plans. You must learn how to continue the mission even though these problems will make it much harder.
There are many skills that SWAT members need, but these are the four most unique ones that you will learn during training or while on the field. These skills are essential if you want to succeed as a SWAT member, and if you want to keep your entire team alive.

Author Bio:
Author Jason Bentley has began his career in law enforcement more than sixteen years ago, giving his writings on the topic of crime and law enforcement a more personal tone. He has also contributed to "How To Become A SWAT Member" for people interested in becoming one of the more elite and extremely vital members of law enforcement.

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