Top 10 Technical Watches of 2013

With the field of microelectronics having made fantastic leaps forward in recent years, watches have become more and more complex. This top 10 list of technical watches will give you a flavour for the latest and greatest in this exciting field.

1) Remote Control Watch
Tired of losing the remote? The days of spending time and effort on hunting for your remote control are over with the universal remote control watch, since with it you can assume control of any device you know the three digit remote code for.

2) Sony Ericsson LiveView
Have you ever wanted to check your phone without it ever leaving your pocket? The Sony Ericsson LiveView allows you to do just this right from your wrist by using this unique watch as an auxiliary screen for your phone.

3) Suunto DX watch
Suunto DX Watch acts as an auxiliary computer for your diving rebreather, keeping you informed of the most important readings when you need them most.

4) Greubel Forsey GMT
This world-renowned manufacturer has made their most complex watch yet, which includes not only precise timekeeping, but also a tiny globe, which rotates according to real time!

5) Citizen Eco-Drive
Ditch batteries for good without the need for winding your watch daily with the Citizen Eco-Drive watch, which runs entirely on solar power through a photovoltaic cell hidden behind the watch face.

6) Phosphor E-Ink Curved Leather Band Watch
E-Ink has become hugely popular in the last year, and now the revolution has hit the watch industry as well. This watch has an E-Ink screen designed to be easy on the eyes, making telling the time a pleasure instead of a chore.

7) Leikr GPS Sport Watch
Complete with a two inch screen, this watch is designed to track and display running routes and make calculations about your performance along the way.

8) HYT H1 Hydromechanical Watch
This gorgeous watch uses fluid mechanics to bring you the exact time, accurately pumping a small amount of coloured fluid around the edge of the watch to indicate hours and minutes.

9) Freestyle Mega Tide
Designed with surfing in mind, having the tidal information of 145 beaches across the globe strapped to your wrist is a must have for any serious water sport enthusiast.

10) Mares Nemo
If you're a keen diver who is tired of getting the calculator out every time you make a dive, the Mares Nemo will give you the ease and flexibility of calculating bottom times and decompression stops instantly for both air and nitrox.

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This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Scuba, online dive store stocking a range of Dive watches and computers including the Suunto DX
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