The Top 3 Infographics Of 2012

In business and education, in subways and train stations, infographics are everywhere. They can be map or simply data that is represented in a more creative and eye-catching way. Even flow charts are considered info graphics and many people are getting in on creating these artistic and informative depictions of data. With all the informational graphics that are out there to lay eyes on the following are ten of the best--in the author’s opinion anyways.

24 Hours: A Look at Healthful Eating Over the Span of a Day
Massive Health is a company who believes that technology can be used to further our knowledge and increase our health. With their “Eatery” application, you can snap pictures of your meal and rate the healthiness of it. The idea is to provide and accountability of sorts and to drive the masses to take responsibility for their own health. Through their release of this particular info graphic they have successfully illustrated how most of the world allows their resolve for healthy eating to disintegrate over a day and how poor food choices are mainly made at night. The graphic is a map of the world with green coloring to represent healthy choices and red to indicate incredibly poor ones. It is quite the eye-opener. If you would like to see for yourself how everything deteriorates check it out 

George Takei’s Flower Garden
Wouldn’t it be great if when something went viral you had a visualization of what that may look like? Now you can have an idea of sorts. George Takei, a Star Trek veteran, allowed the company Stamen to map out the flow of three of his posts and it came together as a beautiful work of art. explains the info graphic like this:
 “Each visualization is made up of a series of branches starting from a single person. As the branch grows, re-shares split off on their own arcs, sometimes spawning a new generation of re-shares, sometimes exploding in a short-lived burst of activity. The two different colors show gender, and each successive generation becomes more and more white as time goes by.”
Now that sounds like something that could definitely end up being beautiful, and it is! Check it out here.

Bullying: Here and Now
The issue of bullying is very concerning, and the statistics are alarming. So how does one convey these statistics in a way that will gain attention and lend knowledge to these who happen upon it? Ah, yes, through a well laid out informational graphic. This particular infographic at does a really great job of providing statistics and numbers without beating the reader over the head. This particular draws the reader on due to content and style. It is most definitely worth your time to take a look and even share it if you feel so inclined.

Infographics have been around for a long time, in the 19th century a map of the United States depicting the density of the slave population captured the attention of many Americans and the President, if accounts are correct. An infographic can have a reach far beyond that of the data that is presented in it. It seems that nowadays most people enjoy having their attention captured by an item that is visually pleasing. As long as this remains true, infographics will be a mainstay in the information sharing streams.

Author Bio:This is a Guest Post by Nate Miller. Nate currently represents Infographic World, an infographic design company, specialized in creating visually stunning infographics.
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