Review of the New Toyota Corolla Hatch

Driving has always been a pleasure with every Toyota model, as it has a history of producing cars that offer a sense of enjoyment while also providing tried and tested reliability, which the brand is well-known for. The new Corolla Hatch has been enhanced not only in terms of looks but also with regard to performance, taking it to a whole new level. It is loaded with safety and comfort features. In addition to this, every model has a variety of great accessories that enable you to further incorporate function, safety, and style to your car.

For quite some time, Corollas have earned a reputation for being sensible but at the same time, a little boring. Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, decided that it was time to shed this outdated perceived image and hired the services of engineers and stylists to give a new look to their cars. The launch of the new Toyota Corolla moves it in an upward direction, in terms of style and driving dynamics.

The new Corolla Hatch has been transformed into a sporty ride. It is designed to give a powerful driving experience with its 1.8 litre 4-cylinder, which is fuel-efficient at the same time. It has a lowered center of gravity, which enhances stability and handling. You can opt for the manual Hatch or the hatch with 7 speeds, and a multi-drive automatic transmission. In totality, what you get is a sporty and fun ride.

Safety Features
When it comes to safety, the Corolla Hatch has the same ANCAP 5 Star rating of every Corolla. It comes with 7 SRS airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-lock brakes, and Traction Control. Its emergency brake signal warns trailing vehicles whenever you are about to stop in a hurry. For more reverse visibility, a reversing camera is present in the Levin SX/ZR, Ascent Sport Hatch, and Corolla Ultima Sedan. The 7-speed Hatch has a Hill-start Assist Control, which keeps your car from rolling downwards whenever you make a hill-start.

The Corolla Hatch allows you to ride in style with its cockpit like-interiors. It gives more than enough comfort with its cruise control, air conditioning, LCD multi-information display, and an optional Skyview roof (for the Levin ZR). Its 6-speaker CD tuner has USB connection for MP3 players and iPod, which has Bluetooth functions to make it more flexible. Everything that a driver needs is right at his fingertips since it has a complete steering wheel control set, including audio controls, mobile connectivity, and Multi-Information Display. There are paddle shifts for the 7-speed Levin SX/ZR. The Ultima Sedan and Levin ZR has Smart Start and Smart Entry technology plus a 6.1 inch touch screen, which has a traffic monitoring system and satellite navigation.

The Corolla has a roomy interior, which was designed with the lifestyle of passengers in mind. The Hatch comes with a huge multipurpose space for luggage. It has lots of leg room for passengers seated at the back, to give them enough space to socialize comfortably. You can fold all the seats flat or just part of them, if you want more space for your cargo. If you opt for the Corolla Sedan has 29 internal storage areas.

The new Toyota Corolla Hatch, which is now in the 11th generation, is impressive with the modifications that have been made, especially when it comes to style and performance. It is up to date with its sleek lines and blend of lights and grill. It is bolder and sportier. Its interior is more spacious and comfortable, yet, it has the same reliability that is present in every Corolla vehicle. With its enhanced features of better fuel-efficiency and handling, the Corolla Hatch will be around for people to enjoy life’s adventures.

Author Bio:Erin Warbrook is a freelance writer in Perth, WA. If you are Perth based, and are looking for a new vehicle or would like to test drive the new Toyota Corolla for yourself, Kalamunda Toyota has a great selection of manual and auto-transmission Corolla's available now.
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