Responsive Web Design: The Future of Website

Summary: New Year has come and web trends are changing. Responsive web design is the need of the hour. So let’s how it is important to opt for responsive web design. 

Times change and times change fast. In the field of technology, new trends and technologies emerge and die in a matter of days. Some trends stay for a very long time while some just fade away. In the web design industry we no longer just design for desktops. We have to design keeping different gadgets in mind. In the last few years millions of people are using their smartphones and tablets to surf the web. So it would be foolishness to overlook them when we are designing a website. 

Companies have realized the need to capture these mobile users and thus are seeking to get their web design compatible also for mobile and tablets. Moreover the demand for laptops and desktops are decreasing while there is a huge rise in demand for smartphones and tablets. Before one had to have two different websites, one for desktops, and the other for mobile users. But that won’t be necessary because with the Responsive web design you will be able to cater to everyone with on a single website. Responsive web design helps a website to adjust itself to different screen sizes of different devices without harming the user experience. As a result the user can get the same feel of the website on different platforms because the website is now compatible with all devices. 

Most people today prefer using their mobiles to surf the web. With this number increasing every day we need to have a design that caters to all. Many people have opted to have a mobile app for mobile users but it would be great if you have both. 

Why do you need Responsive Web Design?

The number tablet users are expected to go up to 100 million by the end of this year. So if there are more mobile and tablet users then you need your website to be compatible to such devices and give them a unique user experience. If you have two different websites then it becomes difficult to manage them and provide the same kind of experience for users on both platforms. If your user has a good experience on your desktop website and if he accesses it through a smartphone and is disappointed then you won’t find him coming back to your website.  

Responsive web design has become the need of the hour. It is one thing that most companies need. User experience is a very important factor and that has to be uniform. The only way we can provide good user experience is by having a website that is compatible to all devices. So responsive web design is very important at this time. So in this year it is important that we use responsive web design in order to create a great website. 

There will be a time when people will stop using desktop or laptops and so it is important that every business reaches to the rising mobile users. It is considered that 2013 will be the year of responsive web design as there is an increasing demand for it. Times are changing and if we do not change according to that then we will not be able to succeed. For any company that is looking to get their websites done, it’s better for you to choose responsive web design. This will help you to provide the same experience to everyone who views your website irrespective of what device they use. For any company they need to understand that to survive the cut throat competition they need to try all the things possible to reach to the audience. Responsive web design is probably the starting step. The need for responsive web design will skyrocket in this year as more and more people will opt for these devices.  

Mobile applications are a good option for a company that is looking to make a mark on the mobile web but then you need a website that acts as a face for your company. For a business it is ideal to have both because people who want to surf a website can do that or if someone wants to download an app will have that option available to them. 

Responsive web design is the need of this New Year and probably be on everyone’s wish list. So if you want to go mobile choose responsive web design because that is the right way to go.

Author Bio:
Jack Sutton works with VITEB-UK  -  a custom bespoke website design company based in London. He likes to share his knowledge by researching on various topics relevant to his field and also writes about them when he gets time. You can find him write-ups on different guest blogging platforms.
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