Reasons Why You Should Work in IT

If you are passionate about problem solving and technology, then entering the IT field could be for you. IT offers many challenges and it’ll certainly keep you on your toes. It’ll also satisfy all your geek requirements: you’ll be surrounded by the latest technology, which is constantly evolving. It’s demanding, but it’s well paid. Landing a job without a formal qualification is possible but not necessarily recommended. Here are some more reasons why IT is the field to be in.

It’s not boring

It is a challenging profession, and it’s not for those who want an easy, obstacle-free job. According to, if you thrive on problem solving, you’ll love IT. This is because there’s always a glitch in the code, or a difficult client who you need to deal with. IT will come with a different set of challenges each day, so you’ll never be twiddling your thumbs or staring into your coffee. It’s also quite fast-paced and deadline-driven, so there’s never a dull moment.

You don’t need a degree

Of course, an IT or computer science degree will look impressive on your CV, but experience tends to trump qualifications in this industry. For some niche IT sectors a degree is mandatory, but, according to, most people in IT don’t have formal qualifications and are self-taught. Even if you do have a degree, you’ll still need to keep your knowledge up-to-date (by becoming certified, for example), as the technological landscape is constantly changing and evolving.

It’s a top job

In a recent report about the “25 Best” job rankings in America (, IT-related jobs featured prominently. Software developer, database administrator, web developer, computer systems analyst and computer programmer all featured in the top ten positions. These rankings were based on a number of factors, including job satisfaction, marketability, and salary.
Speaking of pay, one of the major perks of working in IT is, of course, the money. According to, some computer programmers can expect to earn up to $114 000 a year, and the median salary for a software developer is $87 790. IT requires a lot of hard work and long hours, but it’s certainly worth it!

If you love technology and a challenge, then IT is a great industry to work in. There are good reasons as to why working in IT is highly regarded: it offers a constantly changing work environment, a fast pace, and good pay. All you need is the right experience, a passion for innovation, and a willingness to work hard. 

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Written by Ang Lloyd on behalf of Dynamics Careers, which is an international job board that advertises Microsoft Dynamics IT jobs for Axapta developers, and many others. 

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