Ins and outs of using Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a novelty offered by Google to smartphone owners. This smartphone application provides with ultimate ability to pay for things with one tap of your finger. Let’s take a closer look at how Google Wallet works and what benefits you may get from downloading this app to your smartphone. 

First of all it has to be stated that Google Wallet is a free feature. There is no doubt Google plans on monetizing this novelty. However, the plan is to use it as another advertising channel. When you use Google Wallet to pay for stuff, Google gets a clearer ideas on what your shopping preferences are.  This way they can send you more tuned ad offers to make money with you. 

Now, there are three things you have to do to operate Google Wallet. First of all, you need to own a NFC (near field communication) smartphone. Then you need to upload Google Wallet app onto your phone. Finally, you need to find stores, equipped with special NFC readers. A good thing is that this new Google app is compatible with MasterCard's PayPass system. So, if your nearby stores are equipped with that system, you may use your smartphone there to pay the bills. 

Once you get registered with Google Wallet, you can register your credit or gift cards there. Then you can pay for things using discounts. The application is protected with a PIN. When you decide to use your smartphone as you wallet, you need to bring it close to the NFC reader, then you enter your PIN and get the transaction finished. Of course, presently the use of Google Wallet is somewhat limited. Just few stores are equipped with NFC readers this far. Still, you get over 150 thousand stores furnished with MasterCard's PayPass system. Plus, Google is working with some of the larger retail networks on getting them equipped with NFC readers, too. 

Another valid benefit of using Google Wallet is that you can get discounts and coupons with one tap of your finger. Google sends your smartphone notifications with coupons or discounts in them. So, if you choose to shop through your smartphone and pick their offer, you atomically claim the coupon or discount. This makes mobile shopping experience more enjoyable and easy. 

The big idea that stands behind Google Wallet is to make you forget about your physical wallet by turning your smartphone into your ultimate shopping solution. With time you would be able to use it for online mobile shopping as well as for offline one. 

Presently, only few smartphones come with NFC chip in them. The rest of smartphone users have to download the applications from the web. However, it is very probable that in future more and more smartphones would be produced with the built in NFC option. There are good chances that in few years Google Wallet and other similar apps would win over the market and become very popular ways to close transactions.

So, as you may see, learning the ins and outs of Google Wallet today may keep you on the front line of technology. You stay tech savvy and benefit from various offers provided by free Google apps. Plus, you surely can find many great discounts and coupon offers from Google Wallet advertisers.

Author Bio:
Sean Harris is 
tax and technology writer for serveral websites.
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