Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Go Green With LED!

The buzz in the business world today is all about going green. Did you expect something else? I'm sorry but this is the biggest trend that everyone is hopping on. Well then, going green, green development and earth sustainability are terms that are here to stay. Given the long lifespan that the concept going green is going to have, despite the fact that you have heard it repeatedly in the past few years, it is still considered the new and 'in' thing. Yes, initiatives for going green are all over, so get on the bandwagon, it is not too late!

Initially, most people thought that such terms were for the reserve of the companies with carbon markets and all but there is so much you can do in your own home to ensure you contribute your part in making a better world for yourself and your children.

You are already thinking that going green will require much investment that you cannot afford right now. Well you are wrong. There are many simple things you can do around your house to go green. To start you off, look up at the ceiling. What bulb do you have? If it is an LED then you are on the right track if not, find out why you need to change you bulbs today.

- You save on energy

The main advantage of LED lighting (why they are synonymous with going green) is the amount of energy you save whilst using them. Household energy consumption is a great contributor to the carbon levels in the atmosphere both directly and indirectly. Imagine that a single LED bulb uses only about a fifth of the energy consumed by and incandescent bulb in a year. Now calculate the number of bulbs you have in your home. Go further and see what this means for your electricity bill and the harm on the environment. Erase your carbon footsteps today by getting the LED.

- You keep cool

What makes the LED bulb consume less energy is the lack of heat production. Unlike the incandescent bulb, which produces both light and heat when you light them up the LED, produces only light meaning less energy is consumed.
This means also that when you light them up the room will not become warm after a while requiring you to turn up the air conditioning. In the process, you save on energy in two ways. The air conditioner is one electrical appliance that consumes significant amounts of energy so a reduction in this consumption is always welcome.

- LED supports solar energy

One of the ways to go green campaigned highly in past years is the use of solar energy, both the use of solar energy for home and industrial use. However, at times some logistical challenges come to place in balancing the amount of solar power harnessed and the appliances sued in the house. The result is that solar power ends up being used for basic purposes like heating bathing water only.

The good news is that LED lighting supports the use of solar energy given the little amount of energy that these bulbs consume at a time. Unlike the incandescent bulbs, the consumption of less energy solves logistical barriers enabling you light up your whole house using solar power.
The only hurdle to cross when shifting to the use of LED lights is the price but given their longevity, they end up being economical in the end. The initial costs can however be daunting and here are a few tips to overcome the price tag. With costs in mind, know how to perform the shift.

- Slowly not at once unless you can afford it

Do not go off buying the bulbs for the whole house. Buying over ten or fifteen bulbs at once is a huge expenditure when it comes to LED. Instead, do it gradually and dedicate a few moths to the shift whilst placing the price in your monthly budget.

- Get from one supplier to clinch a discount

Get your bulbs from one supplier, that way you have the advantage of getting a discount.

- Get certified bulbs

Given that LED is relatively new technology especially for home fixtures you want to stay away from the cunning fellows out there making cheap replicas. Always look for certification on your purchases.

Author Bio:
Chad is a green enthusiast and a fervent supporter of He has written many articles on the ideal green world and is particularly interested in how lighting can help in the green move.

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