Four Tips for a Great Website

A professional-grade website is what you should be gunning for if you want to convert simple visitors into paying clients. Having a website does not cut it anymore. Unlike in the 90s when the novelty of the World Wide Web meant that businesses only had to come up with a simple website and they can expect their business to suddenly be out of the box, all sorts of websites have basically cropped up, setting the bar higher and higher. So the question now is: what makes a great website?

Use big images.
This is a recent trend in websites which seems to be merging the concepts of minimalism with class and sophistication, has been featured in websites for big companies like Apple and Ferrari. Especially when you’re trying to sell a product, the best thing about using huge pictures in websites is that they easily put the highlight on the item that is being sold. And this makes so much sense since people in the 21st century no longer have the time to read lengthy posts on why this car moves the best or why this phone is perfect for their lifestyles. A picture can convey a particular feeling, lifestyle and class without the use of any words.

Add additional line-height.
This is another trick which understated yet extremely effective websites are making use of. With the addition of another line-height, your website will look less cluttered and visitors will be able to read the content found on your website much easier.

Have a plain logo for your business.
Your logo can actually advertise and market your business without you doing any actual work. This is because a logo is an integral part of brand awareness. Companies which have successfully branded themselves include giants like Coke and Amazon. These companies have managed to broadcast their message all over the world that people can recognize these businesses just through their logo. And the trend now is the simpler the logo, the better it works.

Use icons.
If you want to keep your website looking fun but still professional, then it’s high time that you use pictures as icons. Not only does using icons make your website livelier but these icons can actually catch the attention of your visitors in a jiffy and get them to explore these different tabs. Navigation-wise, these icons are also perfect for alerting visitors as to which link they should click on.

Author Bio:The writer, Keith Daniels, loves to blog about websites, technology and gadgets. He is also passionate about jquery coverflow
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