7 Poker Personalities You’ll Meet and How to Handle Them

Anyone who plays poker knows that certain types of people are always in the game. These personalities are sometimes difficult to work with, but here are some tricks to keep enjoying the game.

Overloaded with Cash

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The first common personality is the person with money to burn. This individual typically doesn’t have a lot of strategy, and bets high with little thought of repercussions. The best way to handle this situation is to play along, matching their bets and maintaining your strategy to ensure a win, often with a high payout.

Overly Cautious

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Poker personality #2 is the one who always plays it safe. This person rarely strays from a very cautious strategy, and keeps his or her hard-earned cash out of sight throughout the game. It’s easy to play with this person, since you can basically predict every move before they even make it.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

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The third person you might see at the poker table is the aggressive player. This person is often emotional, and could have a great hand, or absolutely nothing. He or she will often give the same wild reaction to just about any cards, and is sometimes a bully. This personality is harder to play with, but the best strategy is not to react.

The Luckiest

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Player #4 is the lucky one, the person who seems to get a great hand every time they Play Poker in USA.  While there is often no rhyme or reason to this person’s strategy, the best way to react is to simply head to another table.

The People Watcher

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The fifth player in a hand of poker is the person who is excellent at reading people. Even though he or she is probably not an expert at the game of poker, this person notices subconscious signals, such as a sniff, cough, or other nervous tic. Become aware of your tics, and do your best to stifle them when seated at a table with this personality.

Emotionally Flat

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Player #6 is the calm, cool, and collected personality. This person is no amateur to the game, and knows how to hide their subconscious signals and shut off their emotions when playing. Watch out for this type of player, since they might be hiding a great hand, or just have bluffing skills. 

The Ringer

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The seventh player, and one of the most dangerous, is the ringer. This type of player feigns ignorance and pretends to have no idea what is going on. This helps take them off the other players’ radar, setting up the situation to clean up. If you play with this personality, you may consider moving tables, as they are very unpredictable and nearly impossible to read.

Poker is a fun way to press your luck and possibly earn a big payout. The more you play, the easier it becomes to read people and decide if it is worth sticking around to play against them.
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