The Customer Is Always Right

In a day and age where money is tight and demands are high, the quality of a service or product that comes out of any corporate identity is absolutely vital. That's not to say it hasn't always been important, but the increasing demands of cash stricken consumers and the rapidly increasing number of ways in which these consumers kick up a stink about a perceived failure of value from a product or service has meant that the power that these people possess is something that corporates all around the globe have a) never faced before, and b) cannot compete with.

In the new digital age some groups will argue that the customer now has too much power. In days gone by, if a customer was on the wrong end of poor service or a faulty product from any corporation the very real likelihood is that no one would really hear about it. The problem could usually be fixed with a simple, and often minimal, bit of compensation and then the customer complaint just swept under the carpet. After all, what could the customer do? They couldn't exactly publicise every complaint against a particular company in a newspaper or find out if any other customers were experiencing similar difficulties. Quite simply, the customer would be paid off and then essentially ignored; in this case the corporation is right and there is nothing that anyone can do about it - right?

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Nowadays this way of approaching business is very wrong. Social media has come along given the customer a massive global megaphone with which they can very publicly voice and air their opinions, grievances and troubles. Companies have learned this, admittedly some a lot slower than others, and are busy trying to combat it. After all, the customers now have their voice back and are 'right' again, and there is nothing the corporations, that enjoyed so many years of being able to sweep gripes and complaints under the carpet, can do about it.

Companies now have no option but to provide service at a level which will guarantee that customers and consumers alike are happy with their dealings with the said company. Naturally, ensuring this level of quality does come at a cost, but the ramifications of not ensuring the quality of service and product can come at a cost that goes well above a monetary value, so is it worth it? Of course it is.

Author Bio:
This guest blog was written by Steven Sodderly, a business advisor and quality specialist on behalf of 
British Assessment.
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