Start-Up Business Trends to Watch in 2013

Researching business trends is an important step for anyone serious about starting a new business enterprise in 2013. Based on certain societal trends, there are a few business opportunities that deserve special attention. Selecting a business in sync with the changing business and societal landscape increases the probability for success. Aligning a business that is in demand and is also something you feel passionate about dramatically increases your chance for success.  Consider some of these options.

In-Home Based Care for the Elderly

With baby-boomers getting older in large numbers and living longer than previous generations, there are many services being offered to this group of consumers. As the result of insufficient finances or a choice to remain at home as long as possible, there are many people living alone well into their golden years. An estimated 33 percent of senior citizens 75 and older live alone. Considering that in excess of 40 percent suffer from a disability, there is an obvious need for in-home assistance. Many elderly people need help with food preparation, bathing, shopping, dressing and paying bills.
Pet Sitter Business With the demand for pet services growing steadily, it is no surprise that there is a growing need for pet sitting services. This type of business offers very steady work and is recession-proof. In terms of start-up costs, they are very low. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to get clients.

Computer Maintenance

Many computer owners need help performing basic maintenance on their computer. With the number of computers growing annually, there is no shortage of business for anyone willing to install and update software. With the high demand and low start-up costs associated with computer repair, this business represents an excellent opportunity for anyone good with basic computer operations.

Temporary Staffing Firms

Temporary staffing agencies are in high demand during good times and recessionary periods. Companies seeking to control costs to survive a changing business landscape appreciate the opportunity to hire personnel on an as needed basis with no permanent strings attached. This industry keeps growing. While competition is a given in any industry, a well-managed company that positions itself to satisfy corporate personnel needs will succeed. Specialty firms are common in accounting, technical, medical and even legal.

Beer, Wine, and Liquor Wholesale

A recession proof and growth business is always a good proposition for any entrepreneur. Predictably, this industry always grows. While trends in buyers' habits do shift to reflect market conditions, people still buy beer, wine and liquor in any economic marketplace.  According to Sageworks, liquor wholesalers have enjoyed double-digit growth rates in the past few years.
Successful entrepreneurs make an effort to put the odds in their favor. One of the most important decisions a new businessperson will make is which business to start. There are plenty of options to consider for those seeking success. Considering business options in the beer, wine or liquor wholesale business always makes sense. Any business dealing with healthcare, computer services, pet services or elder care is also positioned for success.

Author Bio:
Suzanne Howard is a business writer and successful small business entrepreneur from Kansas City, Missouri.  More of her expert career advice can be found at Bestdegree for becoming a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

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