Finding Correct Information Online

While the internet may be your portal to limitless information, the fact of the matter is that the cyberspace is filled with all sorts of data including fallacious ones. A person who relies on the internet should know when to fact check the things that he or she finds online. 

Here are a few smart tips to make sure that you’re accessing only true and factual information online:

1. Make common sense your guide.

Your computer may have the capability to pull information from four sides of the globe but although you may still have a hard time doing mental mathematics, you are still a lot smarter than your computer. Just because something shows up in your online search doesn’t mean it’s true and what can help you with that is your common sense.

2. Keep cross checking.

Don’t rely on just one website. If we were taught back in grade school to have at least three printed sources when writing a report or a simple paper, you need to visit various websites as well just so that you can verify the veracity of the information that you’re seeking.

3. Go for scholarly articles rather than ordinary websites.

If you’re trying to write a college report or a paper which you’ll present to a large crowd, then you need to get all of your facts straight. Scholarly articles are your best online bet for getting the right information. These scholarly articles include articles from journals and published studies. For an easier way to search for scholarly articles, try using Google Scholar.

4. Visit the websites of well-known journals.

Everything is going digital nowadays. It’s not just newspapers that have a website; even journals do, too. While chances are that you’ll have to pay for membership in order to have access to these online journals, there are a few journals which selectively allow free access to their articles. If you’re a student or work for an educational institution, then you may be able to get on free.

5. Look for articles which were written by authorities in the field.

If you have a question, the best person that you could throw that question to would be someone who is an authority in the field. For instance, if you have a law-related inquiry, then go to a prominent law firm’s website and check if they’ve released any online articles which answer your query.  

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