Can overdose of Social Media get you fired? Absolutely!

The internet world has been revolutionized with the introduction of social media. A huge number of youngsters connect with each other through the different social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The social media is now an accepted mode of communication among the masses. But social media has some demerits and you should take note of that also. More and more people are losing their concentration while working in their office and are become less productive in their jobs. One of the main causes attributed is the overuse of social media at workplace. In fact, it can even get you fired! So before you claim that everything is hunky-dory with social media, let us point out its major shortcomings.

1) Decrease in quality
Work performance does get affected as your mind tends to sway back to the world of social media. Researchers have proved that with the advent of social media, employees are facing a situation of qualitative degradation. Companies do keep check on such developments and reviews the performance of the employees. If there is any serious degradation quality then your job could be in peril.

2) Loss of work hours
As more and more employees are indulging in social media to communicate with friends, companies are losing valuable work hours. Business owners have already put some strict measures in place to check on the over indulgence of the employees in social media. However, from the employee's point of view you need to be extra cautious as any decline in your performance will be linked to the use of social media and eventually you may get fired from the job.

3) Takes a toll on your health
There is simply no doubt that social media is a great addiction. You will find yourself spending a lot of time in front of Facebook and Twitter. The bad news is that overdose of social media can have a telling effect on your health. You will concentrate less on work and you will be tempted to take irrational decisions at workplace. If you spend a lot of time on social media then you tend to get irritated over trivial things. Very soon you will start neglecting your work and you may even lose your job. However, you can get over this addiction yourself. Learn to prioritize the tasks in hand and try to think with a rational mind. Social media was instrumental in bringing the world closer to you but you need to pay attention to your work too. Get over the temptation of hitting the Facebook button every now and then. You must prove yourself to be a trusted employee and responsible employee for the company.

4) Declining career graph
An overdose of social media will cause unnecessary distraction at work that leads to a fall in the quality of work. The juniors will stop listening to you if they find out that you are hooked on to social media during regular office hours. Ultimately your boss will take a note of this and will fire you for being incompetent professionally. Social media is a part and parcel of our daily life now but that does not mean that we will start disregarding our work and spend more time in various social networks. We must do our work diligently and then use our spare time to browse through Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks.

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