Worst 5 Jobs In History

We may all think that we have a rubbish job, but when you really think about the jobs which some people have had in the past your job may not seem that bad after all. Take a look at this list of some of the worst jobs in history and this may let you rethink how you feel about your job really.

Gravity Research

Jumping and doing somersaults in zero gravity just for the fun of science research may seem like a fun job immediately, however it does have its side effects! Once you have been in these studies for a long period of time you will discover that you be puffy faced, atrophied muscles and bone degeneration. This is all because for some of the projects you will find that you will have to lie still for unmanageable amount of hours. This is an extremely boring job and your body will feel the side effects!

Forensic Entomologist              

The job title may not sound that bad, however the actual job itself is extremely grim. As part of this job you will have to study dead bodies to discover the cause of death. You will also have to study the body to discover how long the person has been dead for and any other details requested. The body will sometimes need to be cut up for further research.

Whales Faeces Researcher

As scientists are trying to discover more about the sea and sea life, one way to gather more information is by studying the whale’s faeces. There are many things which whale researchers can discover by looking through their dung, this includes pregnancy, hormone testing and bio toxins. Scientists are discovering more and more information by looking the faeces.

Industrial Cleaner

Being an industrial cleaner is a grim job. You have to go through the rubbish no one wants to go near! Industrial cleaners have a variety of jobs from recycling hazardous waste material to going through packaged waste disposal. Industrial cleaners will have to go through the waste that other people have thrown away to ensure that they can dispose of it the right way.

Drug Tester

If you are a drug tester you will have to watch intently as the person is being tested. To complete the test, the person has to pee in a cup; the urine is then later tested for any abnormalities. To ensure that the urine is not swapped or changed at any point the person being tested will need to be watched thoroughly through the whole process.

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