Five Awesome Startups That Will Inspire You

Everyone dreams of being their own boss, but not many people take the entrepreneurial plunge. For those who do, though, they’re able to create a new and exciting company that has the potential to change the world.
From fundraising to going green to simply making our lives easier to organize, here are five awesome startup companies that will inspire you to do good, live better or create your own startup.

1. Kickstarter

Years ago, Perry Chen wanted to hold a jazz concert. Unfortunately, Chen didn’t have the $15,000 that was needed in order to make the dream happen. Instead of giving up, Chen used the loss to inspire and idea, and 
Kickstarter was formed. This company is a crowdfunded website that helps artists and creatives achieve their dream. Recipients of the money are able to use it however they want, and to date, Kickstarter has generated over $250 million, which has so far helped 24,000 projects.


2. Recyclebank

In a world filled with waste and pollution, it’s nice to see something that promotes the opposite, and Recyclebank does just that. This organization is centered on making the world a greener place, and its users receive points for making green decisions and taking green actions. Members can then trade in their points and redeem them for rewards, such as gift cards to local retailers. By making small changes, such as reducing the amount of energy used in your home to starting to recycle, to big changes, such as purchasing an eco-friendly car, Recyclebank will reward you for it.


3. OneReceipt

Our lives are so busy, but staying organized is important. Tired of trying to organize online purchases on their own, the founders of OneReceipt came up with the idea a few years ago, and the company was found. When a receipt is emailed to you, OneReceipt will take the information and house it into your account. This way, you don’t have to try and locate the email in order to access any information. Plus, if you want to add printed receipts to your account, all you have to do is take a picture and post it.


4. TOMS Shoes and Eyewear

While visiting Argentina, Blake Mycoskie noticed that most of the children weren’t wearing shoes. Instead of forgetting about the sight he saw, he came home and created TOMS Shoes and Eyewear based on the One for One program. For every pair of shoes or eyewear purchased from TOMS, the company will donate a pair of shoes or eyewear to a person in need. Over the years, TOMS has donated over 2 million pairs of shoes.

TOMS Shoes and Eyewear

5. Eventbrite

When people or companies are holding events, it’s hard to get the word out while also creating the database needed to sell tickets. Instead of doing all that, Eventbrite founders were dedicated to helping people find events that would interest them and help companies promote and share their events with the world. Through Eventbrite, companies can create and promote events as well as sell and manage tickets.


Author Bio:Joshua Reynolds is a social media manager and blog designer. He created his business' blog and has provided inspiration for business blog design layouts for other businesses.
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