Customer Based Applications: The Top iPhone 5 Apps in the Market Today

In order to fully utilize the potential of the new iPhone 5, consumers should fill it up with not only Apple based applications but also with some of the top iPhone 5 apps in the market. Mobile applications were created to enhance the lives of mobile device users. For instance, a mobile device user can easily edit his picture and share it in a social networking site. Fifteen years ago, sharing online was not possible, and it was quite hard to even upload a picture on the internet. However, because of the development of applications such as Instagram and Twitter, this activity has become an ordinary thing.

Market Demand and Mobile Applications

It is true that there are a lot of iPhone 5 apps in the market today. Only a few are considered to be the top Iphone 5 apps. These applications are considered as top iPhone 5 apps because a lot of users downloaded and provided a positive review for it. Today’s market is focused on consumers; thus, most of these mobile applications must function specifically to the demands of users. If a user wants an application for mobile karaoke, then they will have it. Many of the top iPhone 5 apps are directed towards the need of users.

iPhone 5 Applications

Here is a short list of the top five iPhone 5 apps found in the market today:

- The best photo application is definitely Instagram. It is a phenomenal application that has over 80 million users. It is one of the first photo applications that use photo filters. Its user interface is easy to navigate. That is why users enjoy tinkering pictures using this app.

- The best educational application is TED Books. Those familiar with the TED Talk videos on the internet would definitely enjoy using this application. This program offers users around 20,000 different articles that focus on the different aspects of life. In just an hour, users can read a summary about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and even have time to read about Introverts. For its latest version, users gave this application a perfect score. It was also given a Rated 9+ for infrequent/mild realistic violence.

- Dropbox is considered to be the best online storage application for everyone.  For users, who have a lot of files, this application is a real life saver for users who are always on the go. Users consider the 2GB free storage worth the download. This is a cloud-based storage application which syncs all users’ files from different platforms.

- Twitter is definitely one of the best social networking mobile application there is. Together with iPhone 5’s new iOS6, the Twitter app has become easy to handle and does not constantly crash anymore.

- For users who enjoy listening to music, but have a hard time remembering the title and the singer, then they should definitely join the millions who have downloaded Shazam. Shazam is considered as one of the best music tagging application. It allows users to record a snippet of the song, sends the recording over the internet and returns with information about the title, artist and album name.

These applications are centered on the needs of the users. This is the biggest reason why these applications are popular and receives high ratings and reviews.

Author Bio:
Sophie Bryce, the author, recently switched mobile numbers and contracts and is loving the new iPhone completely.

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