5 Work Gadgets That Makes You Glad You Weren't Born A Hundred Years Ago

A hundred years ago they were pretty unlucky. The offices they worked in must have been boring. Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened was having a chair that was comfortable to sit on. They never had computers or the Internet like you do now. Horrible tables and lighting filled the office and gave a sense of doom and gloom. I wonder how they'd feel if they had all the cool and crazy gadgets around that we have.

There's some great gadgets you can buy for your office. Some will be very useful and will improve the amount of work you get done. Some will just be plain crazy and you'll probably get a lot less done. But they're so much fun and you don't want your office to look like something they had a hundred years ago. It's time to fully embrace the 21st century. Some gadgets are better than others, so let's have a look at the 5 coolest ones getting sold at the moment.

The easy way to shred paper

When you have something important in your hand you know it has to be shredded. I'm sure you've been too lazy and decided to rip it up by hand. It takes a lot of time and you could probably put the pieces back together again in 5 minutes. If you get yourself a USB shredder you won't have to worry about being too lazy to walk across to the shredder. You can simply pick it up and turn your document into a thousand little pieces. And it will definitely take you less time than it would to rip it up by hand.

Try to keep cool

You walk into the office after running for the bus and they decide to keep the windows closed. What do you do? You could open them, but you might get a lot of angry stares. The easiest way to keep cool is by using a USB fan. Plug it into your computer and you can automatically be cooled without anyone hating you. Keep it in your desk and you will never have to worry about hot work environments again. Just keep it under lock and key because they will all want to use it.

Never get stressed

Work can sometimes get on top of us. When it does it affects the amount of work we get done. If you wanted a way to get rid of stress you could probably hire a massage therapist to massage your shoulders while you sat typing away at the computer. The only downside is that you might get some weird looks from people in your office. That's one big reason why you should instead opt for a massage chair. You can switch it on and you will be in dreamland while you get on with your work. It's well worth the investment.

Take work home with you

It's one of those things you hate, but with certain businesses it's crucial unless you want it to crumble to the ground. A great way to take everything home with you is by using an iPad. It can do almost anything except come up with great ideas, but I'm sure Apple's working on it. Log into your cloud storage and you have access to all your files. You can also stay in contact with anyone using services like Skype, and email is only a few clicks away.

Send important notes to colleagues

Getting up to speak to colleagues is a hassle. You don't want everyone hearing what you have to say, so you have to get up and tell them if it's important. If you buy a USB rocket launcher you can stick a note to the rocket and fire it across the room. I'm only joking, you don't want to be firing notes at anyone. But it's a really cool gadget and great to annoy someone when they're getting on your nerves.

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