5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Website Traffic

One of the aims of having your business on a social media site is to get more people looking at your website where you can engage them in more direct marketing. But how do you get followers to actually go to your website? Just because you have a presence  on social networking sites doesn't mean you are getting potential customers to view your website. Potential customers are more likely to become actual customers if they actually click onto your website. Below there is some advice on how to get people to do this with a focus on LinkedIn.

Here are 5  features of LinkedIn and advice on how to make the most of these different aspects of the social media to direct traffic to your website.

1. Your Profile
Make your profile look good. People will be drawn to a professional looking profile and one that has been fully completed. And if people are attracted to your profile they will be more likely to check out your website. Have some customised links on your profile as well that direct people to your website. Everyone has the standard 'My Website' and 'My Blog' links that LinkedIn provide but you can also have some more targeted ones like 'Looking for a Cheap Holiday abroad – click here'

2. Groups
Use groups to get people interested. Find groups related to your business and join them. You can then share articles and other content with links that direct people directly to your website. Of course even better is if you create your own group and get people joining that regularly join in discussions. This will allow you to send targeted messages to an audience. Make sure you have useful information that means group members will come back to you regularly. You can then direct them to your site for further information, articles and other resources.

3. Connections
Have as many connections on LinkedIn as you can get. The more people you have accepted as connections then the more people will be looking at your updates and posts and profile. This means that you will have more people that have the opportunity to click through and view your website

4. Status
The more regularly you update your status the more you will be noticed and remembered. The more you post and share content the more chance there is of people noticing and engaging with it. Update regularly and you should notice an increase in traffic to your website

5. Blog App
Linked in has a blog app that you can add to your profile. If you use this then your latest blogs will always be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. It makes sense to use this app as not only does it attract people to engage with your profile but it will also encourage them to click through to more articles on your website.
If you make the most of the aspects of LinkedIn described above then you should be noticing more traffic coming to your website

Author Bio:Lakis is writing articles for Global serve Business consultants is a large orginization in Cyprus providing corporate services to International Businesses
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