Top 5 Gadgets for Music Festivals

If you are heading off to a music festival, you will no doubt have a list of essentials to bring with you, such as your tent and some wellies. You might not have thought of bringing gadgets – however they can be really useful items to bring.

Solar Phone Charger

Your mobile phone is likely to be near the top of your ‘to bring’ list, as it is essential for keeping in touch with the people you have gone with and arranging times to meet if you go off to and see different bands. Unfortunately the battery on smartphones leaves much to be desired, so you will want to charge it up while you are there. Solar chargers are available from around £15 and are easily available from websites such as Amazon. All you have to do is plug your phone in and leave it to charge.

Digital Camera

Make sure you bring a digital camera along to capture all your favourite moments. You may already own a digital camera, however you may not want to bring it to a music festival. The big brands such as Pentax, Kodak and Canon sell waterproof digital cameras. They vary in price depending on the features available so there are plenty to choose from to suit your budget. You should be able to find one of these cameras available from high street stores.

Portable Safe

If you worry about leaving your valuables when you are away from your tent, a portable safe will deter any would be thieves. You can get these for around £20 and whilst by their nature they are not huge, they are big enough to hold your money, keys and mobile phone when you are not using it. Choose one that makes a loud noise when it is tampered with for the ultimate protection.

Portable Speakers

As a music lover, you know you can’t have a party without music. Bring along a set of battery-operated speakers and continue the party long into the night. There are so many different brands to choose from, you can spend virtually what you choose on a set depending on the quality you require. Prices start from around £10.

Wind Up Torch

A wind up torch can be your best friend when trying to find your way back to your tent in the dark. Widely available for under £10, you will not have to worry about accidentally leaving it on and draining the battery. Some models can even charge your phone too.

Author Bio: 
This post was written by Chris an outdoor enthusiast working for Simply Hike an online retailer of outdoor clothing and Hunter Wellies.
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