Cool Gadgets: Dress Up Your iPhone And Get A Hippie Camper Van

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has unveiled a laptop with the world's highest-resolution screen — the 15.4in MacBook Pro boasts a Retina display and has double the number of pixels in each direction compared with a regular 15in Apple laptop. It's an impressive sight and it's hard to go back after you've experienced its crispness. Many Mac apps have been updated for the new machine, making thirdparty programs look humdrum. The new laptop has been on a diet too, dropping its weight to 2.02kg — lighter than the regular 13in MacBook Pro. There is added fast solid-state storage, extra RAM and a separate graphics chip. Hipsters and professionals alike will find it hard to resist.

ThinkGeek Retro iPhone case
One pint at a student union bar should be all the confirmation you need that the 1980s — the decade fashion forgot — never really ended. So if big specs, bleach-blonde hair and stonewashed jeans are your thing then you are going to love this accessory. The retro iPhone case transforms a smart phone into one of the mobile phone bricks last seen being brandished outside a Dublin wine bar in 1987. Apple design chief Jonathan Ive would surely never have left art school if he knew his super sleek creation would end up looking like this.

VW Camper Van tent

Since the onset of glamping, your average festival-goer now wants to retire to something that offers a degree of comfort at the end of a hard day's revelling.. The VW Campervan tent is a four-person tent with standing room for its occupants. Its proportions are similar to that of the iconic/hippie-surf dude wheels of the late 1960s. Two double-sized rooms are separated by zipped doors, while the exterior opens at the same place as the original van. As well as the beautifully accurate fly sheet, it comes with separate inner compartments to give you some privacy when you fancy sharing the love.

Samsung WB850F

With half the world's 2.5 billion digital camera owners choosing to share their private lives online via social networking sites, it is no wonder manufacturers are racing to get their Facebook-friendly shooters to market. Samsung has just launched its most connected camera to date. The WB850F comes with integrated wi-fi to link wirelessly to your phone or any wi-fi-enabled tablet, laptop, desktop or internet-enabled TV, and you can set it up to automatically upload your photographs the moment you step through the door. With 16.8 megapixels and 21X zoom, the Samsung delivers crystal clear, colour rich images that will rival any compact.

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