4 Most Successful and Popular Internet Business Models


If you want to be successful in any kind of business then you must have an evolved business model. It is a fact that any evolved or sophisticated business model is not created in just one day. Business models are not software programs where you give input and program gives you output.
In fact, business model take years and years of evolution time and then it becomes perfectly to implement and even replicate. Here, we are concerned about the Internet business or online business.
According to my years and years of experience as a blogger and Internet marketer, I have come to conclusion that there are four most successful Internet business models.
These all are well-established business models, so let us follow them one by one.

Affiliate Marketing

First successful model is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing but where you sell some products taken from affiliate networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction to people on the Internet.
For every sale you make, you get a commission and every month you are paid from your affiliate network. This is the best model because you do not need to have any product. You can choose any one product from various affiliate networks and start selling via blogs.
However, one thing you have to keep in mind that selling would not be that easy because you need to know art of persuasion. Therefore, writing skills like creating sales page are very important.
You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing if you are able to sell products on daily basis. Hence, always try to find out what people are searching online and how you can help them through your products.


Next is blogging, which is very elementary. In fact I should have discussed blogging first then affiliate marketing. Anyhow, blogging is next most successful and popular business model.
Today blogging is paying millions of dollars to big websites, they generate huge content on daily basis. You can also get your share of profit by creating your own space on the Internet. I am not saying that you can also make millions of dollars monthly, however surely you can make thousands of dollars. In fact, many bloggers are doing it.
Therefore, choose a niche or topic of your blog and start blogging about it. To get daily inspiration you can subscribe to mainstream media, YouTube, Twitter and follow popular people who are, related to topic of your blog. 
To be successful in blogging always create fresh content and update it daily on a regular basis. If content is good and you are regular then this business model is perfect for you.


Ecommerce is nothing but buying and selling at websites like eBay or Amazon. Both these websites are top ecommerce sites in the world. Millions of people come daily on these websites to buy all kinds of products. It can be electronic gadgets, clothing & apparels, gifts, accessories for kids etc.
You can sell your own products, if you have one. The most important part is creating full-fledged sales letter that explains everything about the product. Do not forget to show images of your product. You should have images taken from all sides or angles.
Products can be rings, jewelry, pen, coins or some spiritual ornaments. If you do not have these things then you can buy things from eBay in less price and sell same products in higher price.
However, buying and selling products needs a lot of experience. It is not for newcomers.

Ezine & EBook Publishing  

The fourth and last successful business model would be Ezine or EBook publishing. Ezine is nothing but articles. This is just like running a newspaper or a magazine. You have to create content on daily basis for your publication.
You can write “How to” articles on number of issues. Like home and gardening, health tips, weight loss, hobbies, music, recreation etc. Your articles must try to help your readers. If your articles are not providing solutions, then it is of no use.
Daily create unique articles that relates to your audiences. Some examples are eHow.com, about.com etc. You can get an idea from there.   


In conclusion I would only say that there are four most successful and popular Internet business model. If you learn, master and implement anyone of these four models then you can be a successful web entrepreneur.
Here are they
1.   Affiliate Marketing
2.   Blogging
3.   Ecommerce
4.   Ezine & EBook Publishing 

Author Bio:
Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer and blogger who write about online business ideas on his blog Jobs8Home. He also conducts SEO training classes in Mumbai and you can visit this link here if you are looking to establish your career in online marketing.

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