What to put on a Business Card

Business cards are pretty cool but it's no good having one if it doesn't say what you want it to; here are a few tips and ideas on how to maximise your potential from a business card.
Whether you have a business card already - this would be a great start - or are looking to create one, there are a few things you have to take into account and remember before you start.

Know your audience:
If you're going to be giving your business card to high flying business executives then you obviously don't want it to look like it's been done for six year old girls as this will give the wrong impression. However, if your business card is to promote that you are a children's party planner, then this would be perfect.

You must also take into account the colour of your card:
All colours have meanings. This list shows the message you would be giving out merely from the colour of your card:
o Red: shows excitement but be careful as this colour also represents danger
o Blue: this is probably the safest choice for a business, it represents peace and loyalty and trustworthiness
o Green: green is another safe colour, it is calming and represents health and nature
o Purple: represents royalty and wisdom
o Black: can either be used for an executive or mysterious look, black is seen as the colour of secrecy but also power
o Orange: orange is energetic and fun, this could add some vibrancy to your card
o White: implies purity and youthfulness
o Yellow: gives a relaxed feeling while still attracting clients, yellow is seen to be warming and alert
Although the safest colours are the more neutral - blue, white and green - sometimes it pays to be full of energy with a fiery personality. Therefore don't completely rule out the bold and striking colours such as red as these are the colours that stick in people's minds and make an impression.

When designing a business card you must also consider the material that the words will be on. No one will read something that's been handed to them on a scrap piece of paper that looks like their dog could have presented it better. Although you want a card of quality, you also want it to be usable so stay away from metal or plastic cards that others cannot write over.

How does it look?
You need your card to be unique so that it stands out from the crowd. Business cards are everywhere so yours needs to say something different, it needs to be remembered, whether it's through the font or a picture in the corner, it needs to be serious but it's crucial that it's remembered.

Depending on the type of person that you are and the impression you want to give, your business card has to represent this; if you are a caring, gentle person who cares a lot about others then your card should be made of a soft material with rounded corners. However, if you have an executive type character and like everything to be done in a certain way and to a particular standard, you should go for a harder, rougher card with straight edges and pointed corners.

Hopefully your business card will get you the job you're after or help you gain a new client for your company, but at the very least it represents you and you would want to be remembered for that.

Author Bio:
This blog post was written by Alex Pepper a media producer from www.oneproductions.com, a media and corporate video production agency.
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