Technology Today: In-Car Gizmos of the Future

Technology’s pretty clever nowadays isn’t it. All those thingamawhatsits and dingle dongles and iThis and e-That, and on-demand, Bluetooth, wireless, cloud, Tweeting, chirping, Facebooking, interweb-net monstrosities that make our lives so much easier than when we used to have to read maps and speak to people. With all these new devices enriching our lives, it’s high time someone asked when all these delicious fruits of the 21st Century are going to be crammed into our vehicles. The good news is, that’s already happening, and if you’re buying a new car this year, there’re a ton of new techno trimmings you’ll be able to add on, optionally. The future, though, is ever bright, and over the coming years we’re about to see some awe-inspiring technological additions, making safety and entertainment more refined when we’re on the move!

Today’s Tech


It’s already here, and an extremely popular way of safely talking on the phone whilst in the car. With automatic Bluetooth recognition, so long as the Bluetooth capability on your phone is switched on, your car will pick up your device on entry, link the systems together and allow you answer incoming calls and talk with ease. 

Automatic Parking Sensors

When parallel parking seems like too much effort, why not let the car do it for you! With proximity sensors and artificial intelligence, the active parking assistant makes fitting into those awkward positions as simple as pressing a button, reducing driver stress and allowing you to freak out passers-by as you stare at them whilst your car moves itself. 

In-Car Internet

Whilst the true potential of in-car internet is yet to be realized, as is a truly stable Wi-Fi connection, the fitting of internet technology into our vehicles is certainly underway. An American solution that allows a router to be mounted in the boot of the car turns the vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot. When this technology becomes commonplace, the scope for entertainment and information in the car will be revolutionized, bringing a new standard for cars everywhere. For now, getting online, sending email and the access of information will be the first steps. 
Of course, whilst the upgrades available today are life-enriching and fun to use, the future is lying in wait, readying some incredibly impressive new technologies. Who knows whether the ones listed here will make it through their beta stages, but one way or another, personal transport is about to change in a big way! 

The Future’s Bright

Alcohol Lockout Technology

This amazing American development uses strategically placed sensors in steering wheels and door locks, analysing the driver’s skin and breath to deliver an accurate blood alcohol level. In the event that it is above the limit, the engine locks out, eliminating the ability to drive. Drink drivers may have finally met their match. 

Augmented Reality Heads-Up Displays

With Augmented Reality (AR) becoming used more often in the video game and smartphone industry, and the Heads up Display (HUD) concept put into practise on supercars displaying telemetry on the windscreen, combined with in-car internet, the potential here spans a whole range of uses. Forget GPS’ systems suckered to your windscreen, with a AR HUD you could see the directions on the road in front of you, whilst data on traffic news could appear without you ever having to avert your eyes from the road. 

iCar Interfaces

Apple are undoubtedly taking huge strides progressing user interfaces and smart technology in the home. Their almost inevitable involvement in the vehicle industry, either by way of in-built consoles, or more likely through compatible devices, would allow for responsive touch screens for dashboards and in-car controls, streamlining and connecting phones and tablets in the vicinity, essentially creating a moving network that would likely pander to our every iNeed.
The future is always full of wonder and amazement, no matter what industry you decide to speculate about. With vehicles such a predominant part of our day to day lives, we will undoubtedly see a scourge of generous technological updates in the coming years, and who knows, by 2015 we  could all be flying to work!

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