How to Save Water

Each year we watch as our bills increase, electricity, gas and water bills are going through the roof and more people are trying to cut costs wherever possible. Most of the time cutting your gas or electricity is near impossible, you are running energy efficient appliances and you only have the heating on during winter, which leaves the water.
Reducing your water bill is much easier than you think. You need to take care when doing the obvious things around the house from brushing your teeth to watering your garden. A few small changes to how the family use water can make a dramatic difference to your water bill.

Outside Watering

Let’s start outside. Its summer and you want a green and lush lawn, pretty flowers and something to be proud of. Did you know you can still achieve this without using loads of water? The first step is to invest in a rain water collector; this plastic container will collect all the rain water which you can then use in the garden rather than running a tap.
If you are in the habit of using a hose pipe to water the garden, stop now and turn to a watering can. A watering can uses a lot less water than a hose pipe, saving you lots of money. Another interesting point here is that long lawns need less water, so try not to cut your grass too short when mowing the lawn.
Another fact is that if you water your garden early in the morning or later in the afternoon, your garden will have the opportunity to absorb the water, watering during the day on a sunny day the water will evaporate before your plants have the chance to absorb it.

Water Indoors

There are so many small changes you can make indoors to conserve water from simply turning off the tap while brushing your teeth to keeping water in the fridge to drink. Have you noticed how when you want a glass of water you need to leave the tap to run for a while before it turns cold? Placing a jug of water in the fridge will reduce the tap running and you will have cold water whenever you want it.
Have a shower rather than bathing in lots of water, a shower will use two thirds less water than a bath. If you only have one bath within the home, let the kids all bath together or one after the other using the same water rather than running a bath for each of them.
Take the time to go around your home and look for dripping taps or leaking pipes and fix these immediately. A dripping tap can fill a pail or more of water each day, a dramatic water loss which you are paying for.

When you find a dripping tap, your boiler needs fixing or your shower needs attention,  has all the spares you need, ensuring water efficiency at all times.
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