What is student insurance?

Students can easily find themselves detached from their possessions due to the nature of student life and the unending treasure trove of gadgetry which students tend to arm themselves with.  It’s easy for students to overlook the necessity of insuring their valuables due to the relentless need to cut costs, but this could well be a false economy due to the sheer monetary value of modern accessories. 

Laptops, cameras, MP3 players, TVs, mobile phones, E-readers and computer hardware are all standard parts of our modern existence and their sum total will often run into the thousands.  The trinkets and gadgets we often take for granted could be wiped out by factors such as theft, loss, malicious damage, accidental damage or any number of external factors.
Most of us will be familiar with Contents Insurance as a broad concept and the various forms of Student Insurance on offer tend to be handy variations of contents insurance as well as some more specific forms of cover such as tuition fee cover or gadget insurance.
The most immediately worthwhile forms of student insurance may be laptop or mobile phone cover.  The laptop and the mobile phone represent the modern student’s portal to the world.  In the information age, even a day without either of these modern treasures can lead to a distinct feeling of isolation which isn’t unwarranted.  Companies like Endsleigh offer replacement within 24 hours thus minimising the ordeal of theft or even loss with the correct policy.  A fair proportion of us will lose a mobile phone at some point in our lives and with phones costing anything up to £500 these days, student insurance on possessions should seem as natural as insuring your car.

Students live busy lives where living arrangements and social lives mean constantly changing environments and a constant flow of house guests.  Theft and damage are commonplace and should be legislated against by a good insurance policy.

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