Top 3 Most Recycled Mobile Phones

Mobile Recycling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. People have realised the potential of making millions from recycling mobile phones. A cracked screen, faulty battery, missing keys in the keypad and an old track pad is no excuse for throwing the phone in the garbage. Dust off the dirt and grime from that phone and start investing in an education from the money you earn from mobile recycling.

Undoubtedly, the latest phones or the most versatile of them all are the best sellers on the market. You are missing out on this golden financial opportunity if you plan to throw away your Apple iPhone or a Nokia N95. You can make near to £200 if you trade in these phones to one of the many online mobile recycling companies.

See it for yourself by visiting their web portal and checking out the prices for the particular model of mobile phone. Every month more than two billion phones are recycled and over thousand mobile users are offered hard cash for their undesired cell phones.  Here are the three most frequently recycled cell phones.

Apple iPhone 3G

The phone is no taller than 4.5 inches with a widescreen of 3.5 inches (diagonal).This mobile phone is one of the most attractive because of its wireless internet connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities. Using this phone, you can take a quick picture, upload it to Facebook and share it with your friends within minutes.
It has a huge memory that can store approximately 8 gigabytes of music, pictures and software applications. If you have one of these at home lying round then you are missing out on a chance of making over £150 GBP.

Apple iPhone 4

This mobile phone is the improved version of the Apple iPhone 3G. Another frequently recycled mobile phone, it boasts a 16 gigabytes memory space for the storing of multiple file types. The built- in 8 mega pixel camera captures every detail in a picture. It is the handiest personal organizer allowing for the recording of memos and for setting reminders. Consider yourself paid if you have one of these phones inactive and hanging around your home. It is time for you to 
sell phones for cash.

Blackberry Torch 9800

Recycling price for this lavish device starts from £90 GBP- £120 GBP. You are sitting on a stash of money if you have an inactive Blackberry Torch lying around your home. Turn your dormant smart phone into cash immediately. There are a number of mobile recycling companies on the internet waiting to do business with you. Trade in your inactive Torch today! No need to worry if it has a faulty battery, or a shabby looking housing; it is perfect for recycling.
Currently, Apple holds the title for the most recycled handsets. More than a million Apple and Blackberry handsets have been handed in for recycling. What are you waiting on?  Get some serious money now! Make the smart move with your old smart phones.

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