Reality TV to watch out for

You just can’t get away from reality TV – either something’s ‘reem’ or so-and-so got voted out of X-Factor/The Voice/Dancing on Ice; Cheska from Made in Chelsea made the headlines with her brash comments and Big Brother didn’t get any ratings, again. The British public love to hate and hate to love reality TV – whether you’re shouting at it, crying because of it, or ranting about it, it has been well and truly ingrained into the life and times of the 21st Century Brit.

Luckily for some and not for others (Dad, that’s you) there are over 170 new reality TV shows being casted for and planned for the next 12 months. So where to start? You’ve got your pick of mother/daughter dating, obese weight loss shows and yet more Embarrassing Bodies, Don’t Tell the Bride and TOWIE. We all like something new though, so here’s our pick of what to watch out for when it hits 3D TVs all over the country.

The Bachelor

If you haven’t already jumped on
The Bachelor bandwagon, get on over to Channel 5 and catch up on Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews’ cheesy flirtation and Eton-educated nonsense. He’s the guy you hate, the guy you love, the same ol’ Spencer who can’t keep it in his pants but you can’t help but be charmed by. He’s got 24 stunning girls to wine, dine and decide he’s not interested in because they’re not Caggie Dunlop. The future of him and Louise obviously isn’t all that bright for MIC 4 though…

Surrey Heights

TOWIE. Again. Kind of anyway – producer Aimee Butcher is claiming that this will be less scripted and more focused on the every day meandering’s of Croydon’s social butterflies. Critics are quite excited by this, but we’re not convinced that a trip to the corner shop, bumping into the mad lady from across the road and picking up a pint of milk will be more interesting than watching Arg make an idiot of himself over and over. We say this, but we’ll be just as hooked and just as outraged as we are at every other trailer-trash show gracing our screens.

The Scene

A new series following the exciting, glamorous, scandalous and sometimes outrageous lives of fabulous gay men across London and Essex. There will be a lot outspoken opinions, flamboyant arguments and stunning events – think
MIC camped up (tough, we know). Made by the same people who put together said SW3 series and TOWIE, you’ll know what to expect and you’ll love it. Fact.

Star Date

This is exactly what it says on the tin – a normal, peasant folk gets flown out to Hollywood to go on their dream date with a star. It could be brilliant – and probably not in a good way for the contestants (we’re predicting more awkward faces than Ollie Lock can make) or it could
 be a boring snooze-fest. Let’s hope for disgraceful shots and some juicy Come Dine With Me-esque lone-shoots after 3 bottles of wine.

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