Mobile Agriculture: 4 Apps for Farmers

There's an app for everything these days - so many things, in fact, that the phrase "there's an app for that" is starting to get old. But did you know that the app world has even reached the agricultural market?
That's right - even farmers can put their mobile phones to good use. Especially if they have one of these 4 awesome agricultural apps!

Farm Futures Mobile

Farm Futures Magazine is a popular publication in the agriculture sphere, and now readers have the ease and convenience of reading their favorite magazine wherever they go, whenever they want.
Farm Futures Mobile is the mobile version of the magazine itself - but it gives you up-to-the-minute information on market news, prices, audio commentary and other important information. It's an industry must-have for everyone involved in agriculture, and it's totally free!


For agricultural professionals who make a living growing corn crops, this app will be a life saver. YieldCheck gives you an all-in-one place to calculate and predict your corn output from each crop each season.
All you have to do is enter kernel counts for 3 ears of corn and the app will generate an estimate of how much corn to expect from your crop. It's a good tool for managing crops, plus it allows you to see what kind of a difference adding one more ear of corn per acre could make to your overall crop output. This is another free app, so even if you don't grow corn, it might still be a fun app to download and play with!


This is an app specifically designed for use on the iPad, so although it is somewhat limiting in that sense, its power is all but limited! This is basically the app that gets everything a farmer needs organized into one place.
You can track crop quality, pests, fertilizer spray use, food safety inspections, material and machinery use and much more. On top of all of the tracking capabilities, you can also document and store all of the important information that is usually sent on paper. That means no more binders, notebooks or papers everywhere - just all of your important information and tracking all in one place that's available at all times, even when an Internet connection isn't available (like out in the field).
It even allows you to view aerial images of all of your land and crops. This is another free app, but it does require a paid subscription to use to its full extent.


Another completely free app, no subscription required, TractorHouse is the place to go if you're looking to buy or sell any kind of farm equipment.
The CraigsList of agriculture, TractorHouse features high-quality color photos of each item for sale, as well as lists a detailed description and a location map of the product. The app uses your GPS function to locate your current position and first shows you all of the products that are nearby you, then allows you to browse products or even search by category, product and even make and model of the item you're looking for.
You can even contact the seller straight through the app for easy sales and purchases.

About the Author:
Jessica McNeal is a freelance writer who grew up on a farm. She was always told that the best thing you could do for your farm was keep track of your animals (adding chicken leg bands, livestock ear tags, etc.) - but now she thinks that being mobile is very important, too!

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