What To Do When Someone Hacks Your Facebook Account

When someone hacks your Facebook account, it can make you feel extremely violated. Sometimes hackers use scanning devices to hack into accounts that use easy passwords. Other times hackers rely on the Facebook users to give them the opportunity to hack into their account.
A common practice is claiming to post interesting videos or impeccable bargains that will entice a Facebook user to click the link. Once this happens, the user doesn't see a video or receive a free deal. Instead, hackers then get access to your account and start posting these links and videos on your Facebook wall.

What to do if your account is hacked.
If your Facebook account has been hacked and is used to send spam, there is a possibility that Facebook's system will detect it before you do. If this happens, Facebook will shut down access to the account. When you try and log into Facebook, you will be prompted to complete a few steps in order to re-secure the account and get it back into a functioning mode.
If you notice your account has been hacked before Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to reset your password. You must use the 
Forgot Your Password feature on the login page. You can also change your password in your Account Settings after you have successfully logged into Facebook.
Facebook has different steps depending on how your account was hacked. If you account was hacked to send spam or if your account was hacked and is currently asking people for money, you will need to secure it. You can secure your account here.
If your account was hacked and has made purchases through Facebook applications or with Facebook credits, you will need to submit a report.
Once you realize your account has been hacked, you can also post a status update telling your friends that your account was hacked and to not click on any links or watch any videos you may have recently posted.

What to do if your friend's account was hacked.
If you notice strange messages appearing on your friend's Facebook wall, or if you've received strange messages from them directly, their account may have been hacked. Facebook allows you to report this information.
If your friend's account has fallen victim to a "please send money" scam, you will need to notify Facebook security by filing a report.
If your friend's wall is posting spam messages, you will need to report the post as spam. To do this, you must hover over the post. An arrow menu or an X will appear in the top right. Click on it. Choose "report post or spam". This sends a message to Facebook security.
If your friend cannot log into their Facebook account, they will need to notify Facebook Security here.

Take necessary precautions.
Unfortunately people take advantage of others via Facebook, and spammers are finding it as an easy way to target their victims. In order to keep your account safe, it's important to take the necessary precautions.
First, don't share your account login information with anyone. If you use a public computer to access your account, it's also important to be sure that you successfully logged out of your account before leaving the computer.
Make sure to update your security questions so that they are current and contain information only you would know. And it's a good idea to ensure that you use a strong password, especially one that contains a combination of both numbers and letters.
Do not click on every video or link that someone posts to Facebook. If you're in doubt of the validity of the video or post, Google it first. You may find that the video you were about to watch was a scam.
As always, be very cautious about what you share on Facebook. If you post all of your personal information to the site, you're making it very easy for someone to learn everything they would need to know in order to hack into your account.

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