Social Media Platforms for your business

Every business needs an online presence when they want to get their brand out into the world. But we’re a tire company you say? Well I say you should get what customers you can get, be it online or offline. It’s difficult to ignore the advantages of having an online presence since our generation tends to be online 12 hours a day. If you can’t sell anything online then you should at least get your brand name out there and form some kind of public relation with your community. Making people aware of your company keeps you in their minds and the next time someone asks their friend “Hey Warren, where can I get a new tire, mine’s busted” they will have your companies name on their tongues and will acts as ambassadors for your services. So how can you get your name out there? The best way is to use various trending social media platforms to form a gateway to your brand and your business.


Facebook has at least 850,000,000 people online each month and that should already give you an indication of the possibilities which lie before you. Create a page with your Companies name and logo and start interacting with old and new customers alike. Be wary of spamming your clients with 90 promotions a day. Show them that you’re a real person behind the business and that you don’t want to bleed them dry but that you are interested in them and their experience with your service.


Twitter is another great social media platform to use to connect and advertise your company. Using the same methods as with Facebook you should update regularly with a good balance between promotional and client interaction. Retweet interesting tweets of your clients and start building up a fan base. Ask them questions related to your company and constantly ask for their suggestions and testimonials, this way you can improve your services and make your clients happy.

The laws of posting and tweeting

Never post large amounts of advertising, people won’t read them since you don’t add value to their feed. People will tend to browse over your tweets or posts if you have an unbalanced ratio of different types of posting. A good example, if you’re a photographic company, is to post pictures of interesting and inspirational photography and then squeeze in a few tweets (or posts on facebook) about your new Canon or Nikon products which arrived yesterday. It’s all about adding value to your feeds and creating interaction between yourself and the followers.

About the Author:
Ruan Smit spends most of his time researching online trends and opportunities for the modern business. This means that Ruan's adsl line is constantly begging for mercy.
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