Review of the New Audi Navigation System for 2012 - Navigation and Music at Your Fingertips

Drivers of newer Audi models will notice that the latest Audi navigation system plus comes with something called MMI – otherwise known as the Multi Media Interface.  This latest operating logic is available in the R8, TT, and A3 models and gives a far better screen display and resolution than ever before, combined with superb route and navigation calculation speeds.

Easy Access to Navigation and Music in Your Audi Car 

The Audi radio and GPS navigation system can be coupled up with the Audi digital music interface so you can plug in items like smart phones, iPods, and other MP3 players and will read up to 32GB of SD memory data cards – so you can get a lot of music pumping through that system. The new Audi Navigation system is already available to buy and will be an optional extra in your car with you having to pay anything between two to three thousand extra US dollars dependent on the Audi model you want to drive.

Large Touch Screen Display with High Resolution

There are some fantastic improvements to the Audi Navigation Plus System including the 800 x 480 pixel, high-res display which is contained within a large touch screen measuring six and a half inches.
Routes are calculated very quickly thanks to the next generation processor that it comes with, which has speeds of up to 600 MHz.  Not only that, but it will also recommended the correct lane and has a split-screen display which displays speed and miles per hour limits pulled from the navigation software on highways and freeways.  If you switch to map view it’s possible to scroll up and down, across, or however you want to navigate according to your very own personal preference.

Combine Your Music Collection with Full Digital Access

In terms of digital compatibility then external storage devices or MP3 music players get attached using the via Audi (MMI) music interface – although this is only available to Audi drivers if they opt to choose it as an optional add on – with of course, associated extra costs!  However, another new benefit not seen before is the fact that it will charge any external devices from the Audi’s car’s engine battery.
The Audi Navigation System Plus also has some new features – for example it is easy to use due to the intuitive operating logic seen on the media play back screens and menu.  These can also be found on all of the 2012 Audi MMI navigation systems.  You will see music track title information which makes it loads easier to search and scroll through your music library whilst in the car.

Hands Free Phone Calls Using Bluetooth

For hands free phone call it’s worth picking up a Bluetooth adapter for the Audi MMI music device.  These are typically available from major electrical retail stores and will let you manage wireless music using your mobile smart phone or even compatible MP3 player.  A plus point about the Audi MMI system is that you don’t need to visit an Audi dealer to keep it up to date – all the settings and new software downloads can be managed online and new updates can be downloaded for free and simply transferred via a USB stick.
You can also fold away the display by simply pushing a small button on the rear of the device and there are 2 slots for both SD and SDHC cards – giving the driver a memory capacity of up to 32GB. This means you can store nearly 15,000 music tracks, or just 700 hours of listening!
The last new feature worth mentioning is the optical parking assistant.  If you drive an Audi R8 then you can pair this up with the rear view camera for easy and risk free reversing maneuvers.  It will give an audible warning if you need to stop and shows the distance from the front and rear of the car – all displayed the Audi’s Navigation System display.

Update the System with the New Audi Navigation DVD

This review of the Audi Navigation System and MMI functionality was brought to you by the team who run the superb GPS Navigation DVD website.  Should you want more information and already own an Audi with this functionality built in then we recommend you visit them and update with a new Audi Navigation DVD today with all the latest maps, routes, and directions.

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