How Social Media Can Benefit Your Company's Recruitment

With millions of individuals now using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, job recruitment has evolved dramatically and covered an exceptionally huge market. The features in these sites are so diverse and interesting that the compulsion to use it to answer recruitment needs is inevitable. But how exactly can social media benefit a company’s staffing?

An Avenue to Post Job Ads
For one, social media allows ad postings whether paid or free. Facebook offers an option to a company’s to show job ads only to particular sets of users that fit a prescribed description, streamlining responses and making sifting through applications faster. Job postings can also be done through a Facebook page where companies can introduce their company’s history and employees profiles. This gives aspiring candidates an impression of a company and what roles its employees engage in. Since Facebook is not a job-dedicated site, it can lure non-jobseekers to consider a career in a company they discover and find notable.

Access to Easy-to-use Tools
At LinkedIn, job recruitment is made convenient by allowing employers to find preferred candidates using keywords that lead them to a list of users with notes regarding a person’s background, connections, and feedback. The employer can file these entries in folders depending on the project that needs the said candidates. On a whole, the process of job recruitment becomes more efficient and insightful through these tools.

Different Assessment Means
LinkedIn has a Question and Answer section where users can throw in any question from job-related ones to opinion-centric queries that anybody can respond to. This gives the recruiter a more telling idea of a person’s communication skills, views, and disposition. Others can write recommendations for someone else while comments from friends and families brief recruiters about a person’s family background, interests, and personal relations. Some pages offer information on someone’s work history and affiliations and these details could lead recruiters to possible connections to a candidate that could give additional feedback.

Quick and Trendy Approach to Job Recruitment
Hashtag entries in Twitter could be used as a searchable keyword to announce hiring and job expositions. The limited amount of words makes for easy perception and could catch the attention of Internet savvy individuals who might be interested in applying or who have contacts that could benefit from the vacant positions. More and more people now are armed with gadgets that update them with the latest events. Companies can take advantage of this development to announce their open slots, spread word fast, and reach a diverse audience.
Almost all businesses are using social networking media to find the candidates that best suit their needs. The Internet allows them to bridge distances and employs modern tools and trends in their quest to finding the right match for a job position. With the mileage social networking sites are getting and the host of benefits users are enjoying, using social media in job recruitment promises recruiters unprecedented options.

About the Author:
Julian Hartley is a social media specialist for His expertise is in
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