Can You Live Without Your Computer?

Can you remember back to when computers were a new technology? When they didn’t access the internet or you had to use dial up connections just to get online? That feels like so many years ago, but in fact computers and the internet is a technology which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years and now they are items we cannot live without.

Do you remember wandering store to store if you were looking for something? You would have to spend a day wandering around shops to find the cheapest deal and get home exhausted, collapsing onto the sofa and probably still without the item in hand.
What a convenience computers have given us. They not only save us time and energy, but a lot of money as well. In the long run computers enable us to search, compare and buy anything we need online. We save petrol money by not driving around shop to shop and they save us valuable time, essential with the busy lifestyles we run these days.

With computers you have access to friends and family, whether local or overseas through social media account and great offers such as VoIP services. Being able to phone a family member in other countries or instant message them and have a chat without it costing a penny is a real convenience to anyone. A phone call overseas on a traditional phone will cost an arm and a leg, giving you the shock of your life when your phone bill arrives at the end of the month.

There Is So Much You Can Do With Computers
There is so much you can do on computers, it has enabled companies to allow some of their staff to work from home offices, reducing their costs and giving the employee freedom to work their own hours. People working from home can work globally, for customers anywhere in the world and not restricted to their local area; this has been a huge improvement especially for those on the verge of unemployment.
There are so many good things to say about how computers have enriched our lives, from virtual schooling to children being able to research projects and homework with ease to running businesses from home offices.
We loved the internet so much it was taken a step further with smartphones being introduced, enabling you to be online at any time no matter where you are, even where there isn’t any broadband. It’s simply amazing and this has led to a new wave of purchasing power. People can search, compare and buy using their mobile phones now as well. So have you thought about it? Could you live without your computer?
The simple answer is probably “no”. While there are still a small handful of people around the world who haven’t connected online yet, most homes have a computer with internet access. Often these computers are purchased for emailing and basic internet searches, but once the bug bites, these are used for gaming, shopping and even paying accounts.

This has opened the doors to companies worldwide who now trade globally rather than being restricted to their local areas. For customers it’s a treat being able to purchase online and have the goods delivered to your door without leaving the comfort of home. But often this comes with a price; these are hackers out there, so keeping your computer safe is imperative.
While many people don’t realise the important of internet security, it becomes very real once their computer is infected with a virus which leaves them unable to access the internet with a non-working computer.

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