Brain Supplements for Increased IQ in Young People

Intelligence Quotient was found to have been derived from parental social status and to a large extent from their level of IQ. Intelligence according to science can be acquired from the environment and it can be inherited. Studies show that IQ can be affected by morbidity and mortality. It was also discovered that intelligence can be enhanced with brain proper care and appropriate food supplements.

IQ is categorized into performance and verbal. The performance IQ is the innate intelligence of a person while the verbal is the IQ that can be acquired through education and training that is influenced by the environment and child-rearing of parents.

It has been proven time and again that supplements do fill in the nutritional gaps that people experience from not having a balanced-diet regimen. With supplements, your brain nutritional requirement can be supplied for the optimum performance of the brain. Deficiencies in the level of nutritional needs can result to serious brain problem or worst death.

There are many benefits of having a healthy brain among them are: the ability to learn quickly, a rational mind, that is having good reasoning and logic, a powerful memory and the ability to concentrate or stay focused and above all, intelligence. IQ booster food supplements can enhance memory, facilitate learning absorption & retention, increase concentration and mental alertness as well as agility, revitalize the brain and lessen stress.

For the past ten decades, it has been the belief of many people even scientists that brain cells do not regenerate. However, it was found out that new nerve cells can actually form through neurogenesis, the process of nerve cell formation to replace the old ones. New ones have better chance to be enhanced compared to the old brain cells.
IQ of high school students, children and young adults as studies show can be enhanced with the right nutrition and supplements. 

Studies also revealed that one of the top IQ enhancers:

- Colloidal gold
Colloids as they are more commonly known is tiny particles of gold mix with a fluid most often, water. It is red or yellowish. A study revealed that this food supplement can increase IQ by 20%. It also revealed that when a person stops taking colloids, his IQ level decreases.
There are other IQ booster supplements:

- Multivitamins and minerals
Multivitamins are supplements that contain 3 or more vitamins and minerals that usually come in the form of liquid or capsules. Vitamin supplements have been discovered to increase IQ levels of children and teens.
Zinc helps improve the brain functions and lack of it results to autism, hyperactivity and depression. It can be derived from lamb, pork, turkey, crab, beef, clams, and lobster and pumpkin seeds.
Magnesium and calcium also helps relax the nervous system thereby allowing the brain to function at its best to include its effect on the intelligence of children. It can be taken from nuts, spinach, soy beans, and pumpkin seeds.
Calcium on the other hand is found in sardines, cheese, yogurt, tofu and milk.

- Vitamin C and Vitamin B group
A study uncovered that students who are into vitamin b groups and vitamin c are 25% higher in scores on cognitive and memory as against those who are not.

- Choline
 Choline supplements increase intelligence and memory. Thus, this supplement is given to two-week pregnant women to enhance the brain development of the baby.
Junk or processed foods are found to reduce IQ in children and teens. Those that take in greater amount of this food are more at risks of lowered IQ levels compared to those who observe proper diet. In a study, children who are into processed and junk foods have lower IQ levels while those who have not taken such foods were better off.

These brain support supplements can be more effective when combined with mental exercises and proper diet. There is a wide range of food supplement in capsules, tablets, powder and liquid that you can choose from to supply the nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor diet. It is however advised that you have to consult your doctor before taking in any food supplement.

Author Bio:
Alex VanDyke is a healthy and fitness writer.
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