5 Apps to Help With Your Exercise Program

In years past, essential workout gear may have included a good pair of shoes, some free weights and a yoga mat. Today, phones can be added to that list thanks to the huge array of fitness apps available. The following five apps can give you an extra boost to get through a tough workout, track your progress and discover new challenging exercises that will keep your fitness routine fresh.

iPump and Fitness Builder

This app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is worth its hefty price. Users have instant access to thousands of unique exercises and workouts using a variety of equipment, such as kettlebells, weights, foam rollers and more. Specific body parts like the abs or arms can be targeted by searching for workouts based on the desired goal, and users can even find workouts catered to their location, including at home, at the gym, on a beach or in a hotel. The exercise database is incredibly varied, and videos of each exercise teach users proper form.


Focusing on strength, power, endurance and agility, M-Train workouts are interesting, tough and, best of all, affordable. The challenging roster of moves includes plyo pushups, burpees, long jumps, mule kicks, mountain climbers, machine gun squats and more, all designed to push users to new limits. The pre-set workouts include instructions, videos and timers, but users can also create their own fitness routine using the app's extensive library of individual moves. As an added bonus, users can also create a playlist to motivate them through each workout.

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra

Maintaining proper form is the most essential part of yoga, and this app includes detailed instructions and visual aids to help users master everything from the downward dog to the handstand scorpion. With routines for all fitness levels, anyone can reach their strength, balance, flexibility and awareness goals.

RunKeeper Pro

RunKeeper can tell runners, cyclists and walkers how far they went and how fast they got there using the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Users can track their pace, elevation and speed, record their favourite routes and share their workouts with friends easily using this affordable and well-designed app. The best feature of RunKeeper is the target pace tracker, which cues users in on whether they are behind or ahead of their goal.

Tap and Track Calorie, Exercise and Weight Tracker

This is hands down the best app for people who not only want to track their exercise, but their food calories as well. The app's extensive database includes over 700 restaurants and 300,000 food items, making it easy to track foods, build recipes and make healthy choices while eating out. The app also tracks calories burned, protein, fibre, fat, sugar, sodium and carbs and can help users set realistic weight loss goals. The 180 included exercises are challenging, fun and can be catered to anyone's fitness needs and goals.

About the Author:
Quinton is a Personal Trainer and technology enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. He loves to use Apps while he is out riding his Merida bikes and long-distance running. Quinton is currently developing his own App to assist with exercise management.

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