Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Games

Here are the top iPhone games that will have either have users in fits of giggles, screaming at themselves and their iPhone or in quiet concentration as they try to solve the puzzle.

Super Stickman Golf

Without doubt, the only way to play golf. Think happy Gilmore versus hangman, with a little of worms thrown in for good measure. Guide the stickman round the bizarre golf course and help him out with the use of everyday items such as sticky ball and ice ball. A televised game of golf will never again appear boring after this game.

Angry Birds

Simple, hilarious and strangely therapeutic. Even those who haven’t played the game for themselves will have heard people laugh about it or seen friends who they considered to be “normal” display a completely different and somewhat darker side whilst playing this wildly addictive game. The gameplay is as simple as it gets; load an angry bird into a catapult, aim it at a target (animals or various structures), release it and instantly feel better about life. The game is so good that players are not even bothered about the whole conundrum of why the birds are unable to fly on their own.

Fruit Ninja

As with all the best games, on paper it shouldn’t work. The aim of the game is to slice and dice fruit as it appears on the screen. There are distractions such as bombs but in reality, they don’t present much of a problem. The sound affects (satisfying sloshing noises) and colourful graphics make the game more addictive than most people would imagine. Preparing a fruit cocktail may become a whole different ball game after this.

Doodle Jump

The hero of the game is a doodle character. His endless goal is to jump upwards towards the top of the screen. The player guides him from level to level by carefully tilting the phone. As with all good games, there are enemies to avoid and bonuses to collect. This game is so addictive, its full title is “Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!” Never has a title been so well deserved for any game in the history of mankind. Not even snakes and ladders.


From Facebook to the iPhone. Players tart with not much more than a muddy field and they have to build it up to become a successful working farm. The game’s huge success on Facebook has given it a somewhat “love it or hate it” kind of vibe. The world seems to have been split into two distinct groups, those who spend all day worrying about finishing work to get on with their much more important job of running “the farm” and those who delete their friends because of one too many Farmville requests. Thankfully, for those who are avid fans of the game, they can link up their Facebook farm to the iPhone, so no precious minutes need ever be lost again.

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