A Palace for the Mobile Millionaire

Traditional thinking states that a mobile home should contain enough necessities to make a hotel unnecessary or to make a campout slightly more comfortable. However, Marchi Mobile has taken mobile living conditions to a much higher level with the introduction of their new eleMMent Palazzo. More than a mobile home, this is truly a mobile mansion, with amenities usually reserved for only the finest hotels or the most exceptional homes.

Latest Technology

The Palazzo features a 530 horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine, yet the sleek aerodynamic design lowers fuel consumption by over 20% when compared to similarly sized vehicles. Both the power hungry and the environmentally conscious should be satisfied with the balanced approach. For those with a need for speed, the Palazzo can achieve top speeds of 90 miles per hour, which should be enough for anyone this side of Mario Andretti. It has also been given a a higher than average safety rating, which should please everybody.

The Palazzo incorporates several innovative designs, of which the most most readily apparent is an oval shaped windshield centered at the front of the vehicle. The unique design required a radical approach to the wiper assembly. Rather than using a traditional back-and-forth wiper design, Marchi developed a three-bladed rotating wiper that looks similar to an airplane propeller. The design allows the entire window to remain clear instead of leaving sections untouched as is common with traditional designs.

Mobile Luxury

However, while the technological innovations are impressive, the focus of the Palazzo is simple: luxury. Every aspect of the vehicle has been designed for maximum comfort. The main cabin presents a light, airy atmosphere thanks to a nearly full-roof skylight and multiple mirrors. A four-meter couch and matching chair provide a welcoming living-room feel. Yet, the push of a button transforms this simple area into a mobile bar room. The couch and coffee table rise half a meter into the air to provide a more exciting interior, and the custom lighting enhances the feel of a high-end club.

The master bedroom not only houses a separate washroom for maximum privacy, but also a wall-mounted 42-inch television. The bathrooms are top-of-the-line, including marble furnishings and a shower with rainfall showerhead. The second bedroom is almost as exquisite as the master bedroom, with the notable exception of a private bath. In addition, a sleeping bed for the driver is located near the front of the vehicle that is separate from the main living quarters. Climate control includes traditional air conditioning and a heated floor to ensure gentle warming throughout the vehicle. 

Other features include mobile Internet access, satellite television, video surveillance, remote climate control, and glow-in-the-dark paint. As unbelievable as it may seem, the Palazzo is even available with a fireplace. Even the roof is designed for luxury. A drop-down staircase leads up to a retractable sun deck that is reminiscent of many yachts, providing a multi-level entertainment venue for parties or business gatherings. 

A Palace On The Move

The word “palazzo” is Italian for “palace,” and the Marchi innovators have attempted and succeeded to live up to the name with this mobile palace. Of course, the three million dollar price tag may restrict the clientele, but for those for whom price is no object, the Palazzo delivers on its promise for a mobile mansion.

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