Innovative Office Design Layouts

Although large corporations tend to invest a lot of time and money into their office design, smaller companies often tend to overlook this important element of working life.
However, no matter how large or small your office is, the way you choose to design it can have a huge impact on you and your staff.
If you want to improve productivity, organisation and the general atmosphere in your office then consider these innovative office design layouts before you make changes.


The decor in your office can have a profound effect on how the office feels, on how well your staff work and on the impression that visitors and potential clients will have of your business. When it comes to colours, most people opt for bland beige, but your office decor doesn’t have to be boring.
Did you know that different colours have a different effect on the brain? For example, red can make people feel uncomfortable, blue and lilac will help to create a calm atmosphere, whilst orange actually aids concentration – so why not go for something other than beige or magnolia in your office?


Studies have shown that a lack of natural light in a workspace can harm the health of workers, leading to stress, depression, eye strain and increased tiredness. Therefore it helps to get as much natural light into the space you have as possible. If you only have small windows then try adding mirrors on the opposite wall to reflect the light they do produce.
You could fit sky lights into your roof or even a sky tunnel, which is a great way of getting tons more light in a dark space.


The flooring you choose is essential because it will be one of the main factors that determines how noisy your office is. If you have a lot of footfall, phone calls or conversation going on in your office then hard flooring such as wood or laminate will amplify that noise. Instead, choose soft, sound deadening floor coverings such as carpet or seizle matting.


When it comes to furniture, comfort is key so go for operator chairs and things like curved desks, rather than designer furniture that may not be so comfortable. Before you purchase desks and chairs, map out how much space they will take up to ensure that it will still be easy to get around and include lots of storage in desks so that paperwork can be stored neatly and safely.
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