How to Get Famous On YouTube

If you have a talent or an idea that you think it's time the world knew about, probably the best place to introduce it is by using YouTube. This free tool can help get your face and your talent out to billions of users, and has launched the career of many an individual who has since become a household name.
But there are actually several steps to getting noticed on YouTube in the right way. And unless you are already somewhat known and have your own management company to do it for you, knowing the steps involved to reach internet fame will definitely be something you want to pay attention to.

Watch and Learn
Before you do anything, search the web for the names of some well-known internet personalities that are in the same general niche that you are. How do they dress? How long is their video? Ask yourself whether you think their video was interesting enough for you to check out the other videos on their channel, and then write down why or why not. By looking at what other celebrities have done, you can learn how to avoid making mistakes in your own videos.

Get Advice
If you've never performed or talked in front of a camera before, you may need some beginner assistance. And you can find a lot of it for free online. Basic tips about how to prepare for a performance, interact with an audience and properly finish a performance can go a long way to helping you feel a little more confident, as well as help you to create lots of interest among those who view your video.

Be Active
You may end up with more subscribers of your video if you spend some time on YouTube first. And you'll also learn more about how the site works. Watch some videos, comment on them, and share the links with your Facebook or Twitter contacts to start a conversation. Before long, your name will be out there and can pave the way to some great reactions when you post your first video.

Piggyback Your Success
Once you've posted your video or video series, you can think about other ways that you can use your YouTube account to benefit you. You may consider adding a tool like AdSense on your video pages so that you can earn advertising dollars each time someone visits. If you have any merchandise associated with your online personality, such as t-shirts or art you've created, you can also use your YouTube channel to sell them either on your own or by offering an affiliate program.

Get Real 
While thoughts of becoming an overnight sensation may be the first thing you think of when you awake and the last thought that crosses your mind before you drift off to sleep, it's important to be realistic. Given there's only a small chance of your video being noticed by someone with influence, you will most likely have to earn your fame with a lot of hard work.
And 'cheating' by using tricks to circumvent the rules can result in your channel being shut down faster than you can say 'paparazzi'. The same thing goes for using copyrighted material that you haven't obtained the legal right to.  Actually, it's best to avoid pretty much anything that will result in your viewers or the YouTube site itself losing trust in you.

Don't Give Up
The most important thing to remember when trying for YouTube fame is to not give up. Making and then posting one video won't be enough to get you famous unless, as stated before, you have people to market your video for you. Keep your material original, concentrate on what you're good at doing, and you may find yourself with many admirers that are more than happy to spread the word about your talent.

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