Five Tips to Achieve Success in IT

The best and the most reasonable way to succeed in the area you want to is to listen to somebody who have already made it. A perfect example of the person who achieved a really high results in IT sphere is Paul Coby – IT director at the huge retail company John Lewis. He has spent a lot of years before becoming successful and now he is exactly the person which advice is going to be really useful and timely. At his blog he described 5 things that everyone who wants to achieve success in IT should follow.

Keep the balance between your leadership and command game

If you are going to become a high flyer in IT you should know something about leadership. Paul Coby gives five simply recommendations concerned dimensions the IT leader should follow:
- organize;
- direct;
- process;
- conduct;
- attack if necessary.

But at the same time you should always remember that IT is a command sport and even being a good leader you must play in your software development team as others do. Paul Coby identifies the CIO with somebody who is always at the very top of iceberg and his role is to provide ongoing digital transformation. In other words – try to keep the balance!

Liaise closely with your business customers

This rule Paul Cody has formulated as “There are no IT projects, just business projects”. While you are in IT you should always think and make use of every business opportunity. And what is much more important – to create new business opportunities all the time. There is no doubt, it would come pat later!

Take care of routine business before innovation

Generally known that the CIO has to be a good leader and to be that guy who will suggest one or another innovation. But nobody will listen to your speech about innovations when all other process goes down. That's why Paul Coby highly recommends to draw your attention as a team leader to satisfactory performance of technological process at first and to innovative process after that.

Cut off your professional jargon

If you are good in operating some professional definitions it is not necessary to use them all the time you are communicating with people. This applies especially the cases when you are going to give instructions or explain a technological process – your people will not be listening to you! So make sure you are speaking in understandable language.

Love your job and it will fall in love with you

Try to make the things that you don't like as less as possible. Every job will face you with particular problems and challenges and you need to be ready for it all the time. And when something that makes you give up occurs try to remember that after you will manage this sort of problem everything will work out and your job will give joy again!

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