5 Must Have Car Gadgets

Welcome to the 21st century! We may not have flying cars, but we sure do have a lot of gadgets to keep us occupied while in the car. Whether it's a gadget to help us stay focused driving, or something to help us from getting bored on the long car ride, there is something for everyone.
We don't have to revert to car games like I Spy or Punch Buggy (unless of course you want to) to while away the hours, there can be much more interesting things to do on the car ride with some of these gadgets.


This is one of the oldest gadgets in the book - relatively, at least. We all know that calming, automated female voice..."Turn right in .2 miles," or "Keep to the left to continue on...". You know what I mean.
But the great thing about GPS is that you don't have to have a designated navigator futzing around with the maps, anymore. You'll just end up getting upset with the GPS woman instead if you decide to ignore her and make a wrong turn - but if you do that, the GPS will re-route you to your location.
Guys, a GPS is your best friend - you never have to stop and ask for directions.

Keyless Ignition

Keyless ignition is another "oldie but goodie" car gadget. Especially if you live where there is a lot of snow, you will really appreciate the benefits of a keyless ignition. Or if you're someone who constantly is running late, the ability to get in your car and just get going, without worrying about waiting for you car to warm up, would be a blessing.
The only thing that might concern me about using a keyless ignition, would be if someone broke into your car with the keyless ignition running - though I'm sure that these kinds of systems have some sort of insurance so that doesn't happen.


This is a newer "gadget" to come on the market, and can be one that can really keep you from getting in an accident and pushing your insurance rates through the roof.
It's a service in New Zealand at the moment, but is something that, once the tweaks are worked out, could be a lifesaving application.
Simple in execution, DriveSafe is a service that you notify (ironically enough, via text) that you are driving, and it sends an auto responder to any text message that you get, "Not now, I'm driving. Will respond as soon as it is safe to."
The biggest flaw that I can see with the system right now is that it requires you to text the service to turn on the auto-responder, and text again when you are no longer driving. I'm sure there are people who would forget to text before they get in the car and end up texting the service that is supposed to make driving safer while they are actually driving. Oops.

GL1 Vehicle Diagnostics

This is a pretty nifty car accessory that ThinkGeek has featured. It plugs your cars engine and On Board Diagnostics directly to your iPhone. You can get any number of metrics and statistics on your cars performance - and if you get one of those pesky "check engine" lights you can probably figure out what the issue is straight from this application.
And if you're someone who doesn't know too much about the inner workings of a car, like me, it's a great way to maybe learn a little bit more about how your car works.


I saved the best (and most fun) for last. Drivemcion is a great way to interact with drivers - without talking to them at all. For your money you get an LED powered mood-indicator. Has everything from goofy and flirty to...pissed off, to put it nicely.
A passive aggressive way to broadcast your road rage (if you're one of those drivers), this might not be the best idea if you get road rage often. I sure wouldn't electronically flip the bird to the drivers around me - not unless I wanted to get a window rolled down and get a yell or two from it.
But if you are a driver that's just goofy and likes to be social, for all that you can be social while driving - then this is something made for you.

About the Author:

Regina Clark thinks that when you're driving you should pay attention to the road and not get distracted! These gadgets are all ones that should help and not hinder your driving - what gadgets do you like to have in your car? If you do get distracted driving a lot, you might want to check out www.FullCoverageAutoInsurances.com for some tips.

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