Foursquare + Monopoly = Foursquareopoly

We’re pretty big fans of Monopoly. (Alright, we’re obsessed.) And we love us some Foursquare action. Combine the two and you’ve got Foursquaropoly.

Developed by Sean Tiraratanakul, Deanna McDonald and Jaclyn Shelton, Foursquaropoly takes location-based check-ins/information from Foursquare and gives players the ability to buy and sell properties as well as collect rent from other people who check into their properties. If you ask us it sounds like a great way to make Foursquare even more addictive.

We’ll be sure to keep Foursquaropoly in our sites. In the meantime, check out the video of Foursquaropoly in action after the break…

Foursquaropoly from Deanna McDonald on Vimeo.


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