Voiijer Launches First-of-its-Kind Social Platform for the Natural World

Ever wonder what it would be like to climb Mount Everest, or explore the site of a dinosaur fossil? Today, Voiijer launches its groundbreaking social media platform, elevating the power of exploration via user-generated content and storytelling to meaningfully unite people and the natural world, all in the palm of your hand.

Voiijer Launches First-of-its-Kind Social Platform for the Natural World

Over the past few decades, humans' relationship with nature has been drastically declining across the world. These vanishing interactions are leading to a loss of care for nature, which has resounding implications for the wellbeing of the entire planet. Voiijer aims to reconnect people around the world with nature: Users post content, share stories, and amplify discoveries making exploration accessible to all.

Millions of us dream of adventure, Voiijer brings us there. Co-founded by seasoned explorer Michael Barth, a member of the Explorer's Club and fellow of the U.K.-based Royal Geographical Society; Michelle Excell, whose rich 20+ year career in creative technology has centered on bringing to life multi-platform interactive projects; and Greg McConnell, a global marketing executive who has worked with brands including Rolex, Tudor, and Puma; Voiijer went live this summer in beta. Since then, the platform has quadrupled its user base with content creators including esteemed mountaineer Kenton Cool (who has summited Mount Everest 17 times), Mars astrobiologist Dr. Angélica Anglés, and photographer and mountaineer Mark Fisher, bringing users along on their latest adventures.

Born out of an expedition in the Gobi Desert, Barth and his team made groundbreaking discoveries – but struggled to share their findings with a wider audience. Where other forms of social media only give you a snapshot or highlight a beautiful image and caption, Voiijer shares the full story, bringing the community along on the journey to feel part of the action, the education, the beauty, and the discovery that's happening in the natural world, globally. The app is currently available for free download in the Apple App Store.

Dr. Meg Lowman, global pioneer in forest canopy ecology, highlights the real time, in-depth access Voiijer provides to the nature-deprived and enthusiast alike: "Imagine sharing those turning point moments of scientific discovery as they happen while exploring the world's rain forests, and watching them become a resource for understanding the universe. And because of Voiijer, we can all be a part of that."

Michael Barth, Voiijer Founder, CEO, "Voiijer is including more people in the future of exploration through inspiring discovery and fostering deeper connections with the natural world at a time when it's absolutely vital to understand our planet,"


  • Journey with Top Explorers on Expeditions: Follow the journeys of renowned explorers like Dr. Meg Lowman, expert in forest canopies, and Wilson Cheung, who ventures into the polar regions. Get real-time updates and in-depth insights into fascinating questions like Can we discover blue vipers in Komodo? What sounds fill the air as you step into the Amazon?
  • Be inspired by the global community: Explore nature-focused content shared by enthusiasts worldwide. The content changes constantly, showcasing how different people connect with nature – whether recording bird songs during a hike or sharing the beauty of autumn foliage in your town.
  • Share your own stories: Use photos, videos, written notes, audio recordings, and even 3D scans to narrate your adventures. Voiijer's "Teaser" feature makes sharing posts, or "voiijs," on other social media profiles easy. This allows you to invite your current social network to experience your adventures firsthand without the limitations of character counts or clutter from other platforms.

For more information, visit www.voiijer.com

SOURCE Voiijer
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