obVus Solutions Releases minder 2.0, The One App to Mind All Wellness

Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, wellness-tech company obVus Solutions [it's "obvious"], a leading developer of award-winning products and services that promote healthy and sustainable habits, has launched the latest release of their award-winning minder® app. minder eliminates the need for multiple apps, leveraging real-time biofeedback to coach and condition positive habits: good posture, mindful breathing, purposeful breaks, restful sleep and more.

obVus Solutions Releases minder 2.0, The One App to Mind All Wellness

"The average American spends seven hours a day on screen time, with the bulk of that taking place sitting behind a computer screen," said obVus Solutions founder Ken Rosenblood. "That's bad news for both physical and mental health. Devoting just a few minutes each day to mind my health with small, manageable changes added up to huge benefits, and changed my life."

According to Dr. Ingrid Yang, a practicing physician, yoga expert, and two-time author, "Having a wellness plan incorporating good posture and mindful breathing alleviates stress, improves mood and increases self-esteem. What makes minder unique is that it leverages the latest technology, specifically Airpods Pro and Apple Watch, to help people adopt key habits and take steps towards achieving their wellness goals."

All-in-One minder Eliminates the Need for Multiple Wellness Apps

True wellness involves all aspects of health, but most apps focus on only one aspect. An all-in-one 6x patented app, minder supports all dimensions of wellness. minder acts as a breathing coach, posture trainer, activity and break planner that helps users mind their mood, sleep and water consumption.

minder keeps up with technology and trends - sensors, social components and gamification - as wellness needs evolve. New features include AirPods Pro integration; "Explore minder," an interactive step-by-step onboarding guide; a "Check-In" feature; and the "Path," which allows paid subscribers to see historical data and map out future goals. 
  • AirPods Pro Integration: When paired with AirPods Pro, minder utilizes real-time, visual, audio and haptic cues, to prompt users to stay active, practice deep breathing, and correct posture. Users can now be mindful of their breath and posture throughout the day with AirPods Pro in one or both ears, whether sitting at a desk, running errands or working out. Users wearing an Apple Watch with AirPods Pro can see the correlation of their heart rate, breathing and posture to stress levels.
  • Build Healthy Habits through ME/Mos: Studies show that small breaks help maintain focus and engagement and reduce stress and anxiety. These "Me Moments" (ME/Mos) can be anything from a quick meditation break to a full workout. "Check-Ins" allow users to connect with their emotions to uncover hidden behavioral patterns.
  • Sustainable Wellness: minder's "Path" provides a way to mind overall well-being; minder users can create a personalized plan, monitor progress and get rewarded for achievements in any dimensions of wellness (mindfulness, posture, nutrition, movement, sleep and habits).

minder is available on the App Store. $6.99/month and $69.99/year. Free to download with a two-week free trial.

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