TECNO Unveils the First Flagship Laptop MEGABOOK S1, Breaking the Boundary with High Performance and Lightest Experience

TECNO Unveils the First Flagship Laptop MEGABOOK S1, Breaking the Boundary with High Performance and Lightest Experience

TECNO, a global innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 markets, recently announced the latest MEGABOOK S1 at TECNO Flagship Product Launch 2022 in Dubai, delivering its first flagship laptop to users.

TECNO Unveils the First Flagship Laptop MEGABOOK S1, Breaking the Boundary with High Performance and Lightest Experience

In 2019, TECNO announced new efforts in building a digital product ecosystem by launching its AIoT business strategy, aiming to deliver digital to every person, home, and organization and help them create a fully- connected smart digital lifestyle. Following this vision, as the upgraded line of MEGABOOK T1, the flagship MEGABOOK S1 highlights the concept of ideas that create wonders, targeting users in professional fields like business and the creative industries, helping them work with ease while still achieving a higher efficiency.

OneLeap: Seamless Connection between TECNO Smartphone and Laptop

TECNO's new generation OneLeap bridges TECNO's latest PHANTOM X2 Series and MEGABOOK S1 through an intelligent wireless connection, realizing premium-level data transfers within TECNO's smart ecosystem. The MEGABOOK S1 has been equipped with NFC function that supports air connection, easily achieving five key functions including One Leap, Data Sharing, Files Management, Multi-screen Collaboration, and Reverse Network Sharing.

The connection efficiency has also been improved by 50%, and can be completed within as fast as 3 seconds. With optimized air-transmission modes, the speed increased from 70Mbps to 200Mbps+. Users could easily manage smartphone files on their laptops in real-time, while enjoying the seamless copy-paste across devices to boost their work efficiency.

The Futuristic MEGA Appearance: Ultra-slim Design with Industry First Iceless Craft Technology

TECNO MEGABOOK S1 provides the lightest, thinnest of 15.6-inch business creative laptops in MEGA performance with only 1.35kg plus 13.5mm of thickness. MEGABOOK S1 is made with a magnesium alloy body plus the industry first Iceless Craft technology in the industry. With nanomaterials painting for 5 layers of overlapping spray, it provides users with a comfortable experience, without having to worry about all the fingerprints left on the surface, which keeps the laptop well-maintained, and always looks new.

The Incredible MEGA Screen: Ultra-boundless and Tearless Vision Experience

MEGABOOK S1 breaks the boundary by presenting an ultra-boundless 16:10 screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, plus a 3.2K high-resolution display that brings business users and content creators an unparalleled premium experience. This flagship version has also been upgraded to provide a smooth experience with a 120Hz high refresh rate to run all usage incredibly smoothly. Even more, through 450 nits of light and a DC Smart sensor, you could easily use it day and night, switching between indoors and outdoors without worries and discomfort.

Therefore, MEGABOOK S1 has taken users to a better visual level, showing more portrait content to improve efficiency and enjoyment. Meanwhile, it comes with 100%sRGB colors, professional color accuracy, and TUV low-blue light certification to give users a perfect result and a tearless experience.

Release The MEGA Performance: Empowered by Intel 12th i7 and Window 11

The MEGA performance is powered by Intel Core latest i7-1260P processor. At the same time, it used the newest LPDDR5 RAM of 8GB/16GB, the frequency of our LPDDR5 is up to 5200MHz. Meanwhile, provided by PCIE4.0 512GB/1TB SSD Large Storage supports reading speeds up to 5000MB/s and writing speeds up to 4800MB/s. It allows users to operate more smoothly and effectively.

MEGABOOK S1 also uses the Ice Storm System with VC Cooling models, which makes the heat dissipation performance improve by 32.5%. The overall performance resulting released the CPU performance to the utmost level as high as 126.9%, which is up to 35W.

MEGABOOK S1 is also well-equipped with Windows 11 system, which fits the idea of "Make the Everyday Easier", Easier on the eyes and easier to use. That's what Windows 11 PCs are all about.

Optimize The MEGA Experience: Immersive in Entertainment and Efficient for Work

MEGABOOK S1 also upgraded to TECNO VOC PLUS sound system by installing 4 full-frequency speakers and 2 tweeters plus DTS:X Ultra cinema sound effect, achieving the on-spot surrounding matrix, providing users an ever more excellent immersive sound experience with realistic movie sound effects. The smart-AI experience for conferences through smart AI ENC algorithm to achieve 6-meter human sound picked up, and the ambient sound is automatically reduced.

MEGABOOK S1 also maintains the smallest size of 65W gallium nitride (GaN) charger in the MEGABOOK Series, reaching 40% faster and 100g light weight than most laptop chargers. The 70Wh high-density battery also supports up to 12 hours of continuous usage, which well-satisfies the demand of one-day work. The super large touch panel is updated to provide more operating space with higher fault tolerance and efficiency. In addition, MEGABOOK S1 prepared 7 ports. Through the latest USB 4.0 port, the total data transmission speed can reach 40Gbps. Therefore, it's quite notable that different from most general 15.6-inch business laptops, MEGABOOK S1 was able to attain the MEGA performance within ultra-light and thin for users no matter for content creation, entertainment, or office work.

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